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102 Inch Whip Antenna Clip / Tie Down


  • Hold your 102" whip antenna in place with this unique antenna clip
  • Stainless steel construction
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102" whip antennas are awesome. But they are also long, really long. Fold over your antenna (spring recommended) and use this clip to hold it in place when you don't want it smackin' every branch on the trail or the roof at McD's. The clip is designed to mount to a gutter, but you can remove the gutter clip and attach the mount to a variety of surfaces. The tip of the antenna will slide through the hole in the clip, and the straight slot will keep the antenna in place.


Model / SKU:K101X
Product Details:
  • Fits 102" whip antennas
  • Gutter clip for easy gutter installation
Compatible with:102" whip antennas


Customer Reviews

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Tarquin Waggoner
Right stuff

I have bounced around in the timber with the 102 whip clip tie down for three years on my Jeep Gladiator. Besides holding my antenna onto the gutter of my front passenger side roof. I used a pop rivet to secure the device instead of the screw clamp. The clamp works but a pop rivet works the best on the gutter. I use a 5-50 cord attached mid point on the antenna with shrink wrap. I measure off enough 5-50 cord to attach to the Clip tie down to limit the 102 inch from bending backwards as I drive down the highway. When I am in town with the whip secure, I wrap the extra 5 50 cord around the antenna and secure it in the cup tie down. (Handy if I forget to clip the antenna down going through a low overhang by having my passenger reach out of the window and brining the antenna down.)

After 3 years of whipping through the brush and down the Freeway at 80 mph, the nylon part broke. Five minutes after buying a replacement clip and receiving it in two days, I was back in business. Needless to say, I am very happy with this product. It would not have broken if I had not attached the 5 50 cord, but I do it anyway because it works and looks cool.

Thanks for the detailed review Tarquin! We appreciate your insight into the tie-down clip and it's very helpful for the community who's using these parts. Enjoy exploring in your Jeep!

Thomas M.
Had to tape it to

Had to tape it to a magnet

Jean-Marie M.
Fits perfectly

Fits perfectly

Roger H.
I couldn't get it to work

I could not figure out the Clip/Tie Down. Had I figured it out, I don't think it would work well with my truck (2004 Toyota Tacoma) because I would have to bend the 102 inch whip antenna each time to get it through the tie down hole. I bought a dog collar that I leave attached to the tow hooks in the bed of the truck. It works better than this Clip/Tie Down ever could.

Samuel G.
East to install and does a great job

This thing ties a big 'ol antenna down and does it well. That's all you need to know.