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2018+ Jeep JL & Gladiator CB Antenna Kit

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  • Full antenna kit featuring products designed specifically for the Jeep JL (2018+)
  • Includes everything you need for a full antenna install on your Jeep

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This CB Antenna Kit has everything you need to quickly install a system to your Jeep JL (2018+). It offers your choice of the top-performing Firestik FS CB Antenna or the light fiberglass Firestik Firefly CB Antenna along with the option of two factory-looking mounts that attach to your fender or tailgate. Also included is 9' of coax to give you an all-in-one package. An optional add-on is the Firestik CB Antenna Quick Disconnect that gets your antenna off the mount, sans tools, before you can say Jack Robinson.

Model / SKU:Jeep JL CB Antenna Kit (2018+)
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Jeep JL & Gladiator owners looking for a high-value, high-quality CB Antenna Kit that has all the necessary parts for an easy install and long-lasting performance.

The kit provides two antenna options in 3' and 4' lengths:

  • Firestik FS (Black): The Firestik FS series is the most popular fiberglass CB antenna on the market today due to its transmit and receive performance. Also, you can add a CB spring to the antenna and mount to provide limited flexibility if desired. If optimal range is most important, the Firestik FS antenna is a better choice than the Firestik Firefly.
  • Firestik Firefly (Black): On the trail, it's convenient to have an antenna that can survive getting snagged, bent, bowed and abused. Meet the Firefly, an antenna that is flexible but still has great performance. These 4' antennas provide protection against snapping and hold up well to the rigors of off-road use. While super flexible, they don't offer the same level of transmit and receive performance of the Firestik FS.
Mounting Hardware:

This kit gives you the option between two factory-looking mounts:

The Jeep JL CB Antenna Fender Mount is made of 12-gauge stainless steel and attaches to the driver side hood rail on the JL.

The Jeep JL Teraflex CB Antenna Mount allows you to mount a CB antenna and flag whip using the same mount in existing holes in the tailgate for a clean installation.

Additional Information:The package also includes a Ring CB Coax, which is a low-profile, weather-resistant ring connection coax cable. The FME screw-off connection allows for easier cable routing through holes and/or firewalls. A package with the fender mount option will come with a 12-feet cable while the tailgate option will come with 18'. An optional add-on is the Firestik CB Antenna Quick Disconnect, which allows you to easily disconnect the antenna, sans tools, in a pinch.
Product Includes:

 This CB Antenna Kit has everything you need to quickly install a system to your Jeep JL (2018+). It offers your choice of the top-performing Firestik FS CB Antenna or the light fiberglass Firestik Firefly CB Antenna along with a factory-looking fender mount or tailgate mount, and 9' of coax, all in one package. An optional add-on is the Firestik CB Antenna Quick Disconnect.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Douglas M.
Antenna kit install

Ordering and receiving the kit were great and the installation went smoothly. It helped to review the various on line help guides before hand provided by Right Channel and other sources. The bad part was after installing, it didn't work. Long story shortened, after many hours of testing and reviewing trouble shooting procedures I finally took it into a local CB shop and had the owner go through the system. After approximately an hour and over a hundred dollars in labor and material the CB was up and running. The problem turned out to be that both ends of the Firestik
FireRing coax cable were defective. After he replaced both ends everything worked. Everything else ordered was in good condition and worked properly.

Stephen K.
Install is a breeze

Easy install. Removable connector shell makes routing through tailgate a breeze. Ring connector is a solid and weather tight configuration. Performance is great.

Jeep JL antenna kit

Very nice quality kit, Right Channel came through for me again. They are my go to guys for anything CB related!

Charles S.
The EVAPORATING CB antenna kit.

I would love to review it but it has disappeared into the bowels of the Philadelphia post office where many packages go to die. Ordered it on 11-25-2020 no sign of it yet. Tracking shows it stopped in Philadelphia.

Ronald C.
mounting bolts for antenna bracket

mounting bolts for antenna bracket are to short by 3/4 of an inch so i cant mount antenna do yo have longer mounting bolts for bracket