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Super Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Stud


  • This heavy-duty stud will make it easy for you to mount your beefy antenna with confidence
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Running a heavy, monster antenna, or maybe a 102" whip? Whatever your application, this heavy-duty stud is designed for large antennas and can endure tons of torque and stress. Built with stainless steel, this durable stud is rust and weather resistant. Mount your large, heavy antennas with confidence using this beefy, oversize stud.

Model / SKU:SS750
Recommended for:Large, heavy antennas including Monkey Made, Predator and 102" whip antennas. Also recommended for fiberglass antennas 5' and longer.
Compatible with:
All fiberglass and center-load antennas with a 3/8" x 24 thread. SO-239 connection on the bottom is compatible with coax with PL-259 barrel-style ends. Designed for 3/4" stud holes, which are the industry standard on all CB mounts.
Installation Notes:
Although extremely beefy, this stud is only as strong as the mount or mounting surface it's coupled with, so please keep that in mind. If you're installing the stud on a flat surface without a mount, you'll need to drill a 3/4" hole.
Mount Location:
Stud Type:
PL-259 (Barrel)
Material:Stainless Steel
Product Includes:Includes heavy-duty mounting stud
Antenna, mount and coax not included


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Billy P.
Super Heavy Duty Stud

Very well made and super strong for sure!

Herbert L.
Serious mount!

It’s the most heaviest duty mount I ever saw. You gotta drill a bigger hole for it to fit thru. You can put a monster antenna on this mount. Love it!

Nice stud

Have had mine installed for about five weeks now and have no issues. It is holding a 102" whip with the 4" potbelly spring and is holding strong. The only thing I found was the star washer is a little small in diameter, and comes into contact with inner insulator. So I did not use it and is not coming loose. Not a bad idea to use some dielectric grease on threads and use some clear silicone sealant around base of stud where it meets bracket to keep moisture out. Oh and tape your connection well. Thanks Right Channel for the great products , and prompt service.

Mark K.
HD mount

Very solid. No problem securing 5' firestik.

Kenney S.
Super Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Stud

It looks strong, I like the quality build of it.