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CB Coax Cable

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  • There are two primary grades of CB coax: RG58 (basic) and RG8X (premium)
  • We recommend RG8X for heavy-duty and off-road situations as it holds up much better
  • To learn more, see our in-depth guide to CB coax
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Firestik Coax Cable with Terminal End

Firestik CB Terminal Coax - 18'


A great coax to use for general CB installations

Firestik K9 Dual CB Coax with Terminal Ends

Firestik CB Coax Dual Antennas (Terminal) - 18'


Intended for dual antenna installations with lug style mounts

Firestik NGP Coax Cable

Firestik NGP Coax Cable


The coax cable you need for NGP antenna applications