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Alexis the Lexus: Hey, nice wheels

Posted by Pat Haggerty updated

Alexis got new shoes!

Alexis the Lexus and her new shoes | Right Channel Radios

We introduced her a couple weeks ago, but we got a new rig, Alexis, a 2005 LX470 that we're outfitting for overland adventures with the family, hunting, and camping out at mountain bike races. When we picked up Alexis, the thing I hated most were the 20" street wheels and tires that were installed. Those need to go right away! We replaced the wheels with a set of 17" Icon Dynamics Six Speed Series. I picked these for the proven strong design and the size will put more rubber between the wheel and tire for off-roading and improved handling. We bought five in total, and I hope to move the spare from the bottom of the rig to a rear carrier.  

Alexis, Icon Six Speed Wheels & Grabber X3 Tires | Right Channel Radios

I replaced the tires with the General Tire Grabber X3 to help me better conquer some of Montana's rockier and muddier terrain. Also, I just love the way they look!

A friend of mine offered me a great deal on a used Tepui tent that I couldn't pass up. I'm a little too tall to sleep in the back of Alexis comfortably, and this tent will come in handy during hunting and biking season. I'm not interested in putting a platform bed in the back of the rig, as I need to keep the seating for my family when we want to get outside together.

Lastly, Alexis shed her running boards and coming soon: new sliders. Stay tuned!


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