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President McKinley SSB Best Seller


  • The most rugged SSB CB radio in the market
  • Compatible with both 12 & 24-volt vehicles
  • NOAA weather channels, channel scanning, automatic squelch & more
  • DIN size with a front facing speaker or in-dash installations
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  • CheckIncludes Installation Resources
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There's the president, and then there's THE PRESIDENT. The McKinley thrives in dusty & harsh working conditions where most other SSB radios fall short. If you are looking for a ruggedly reliable (and handsome) SSB radio for your Jeep, Cruiser or commercial vehicle, this is the clear choice. We won't go on about all the other features such as NOAA weather, channel scanning and automatic squelch, but we could... If you need a tough SSB radio, get the McKinley. Oh, and you can extend the warranty to 5-years when you buy a President antenna at the same time. That's pretty awesome!

Model / SKU:President MCKINLEY
Recommended for:Drivers who need a rugged SSB CB radio. This radio is ideal for off-road use in Jeeps, Cruisers, Tractors and HD equipment. 
Radio Features:Single Side Band (SSB), Weather, Backlit Display, Built in SWR Meter, PA, Beep Function, ANL/NB & Hi-cut Filters, Roger Beep, Channel Scanning, Automatic Squelch, Instant Channel 9/19, RF Gain, VOX hands free, Lights, Dimmer
Compatible with:
Compatible with all CB antennas on the market. Ideally suited for installation in single DIN radio slots, but can also be mounted easily with the included "U" bracket. This CB features a front speaker and rear external speaker port.
Product Includes:
Radio and 6-pin microphone
Mounting bracket and hardware
Power cord with Fuse
Microphone hanger
Manufacturer Warranty:
Two Years OR Five Years with the purchase of a President Antenna
Radio Dimensions:
6.69” x 5.91” x 2.05” / 170 x 150 x 52 mm
Download Manual:
To download / view manual, please click here.
  • Backlit Display with 3 color options - Change the color of the backlit display to orange, green, or blue. 
  • 40 AM and 80 SSB Channels- 40 AM, 40 Upper Side Band, 40 Lower Side Band
  • NOAA Weather Channels - Instant access to national weather channels and alerts for severe weather, even if not specifically monitoring weather channels
  • Built in SWR Meter - auto beep tuning
  • Automatic/Manual Squelch - An optional function that allows the radio to automatically or manually squelch out static, depending on your preference.  
  • PA Capability - Use CB radio as a public address system with PA speaker; incoming signals can also be monitored through PA
  • 12/24 volt - One of the only CB's on the market that will work with either 12 or 24 volt vehicles. This is ideal for heavy duty equipment as you don't have to add a power converter. 
  • Dual Watch -  lets you watch over channel 9 or 19 and the current channel.
  • RF Gain - Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas
  • Instant Channel 9/19 - Easily toggle between channels 9 & 19
  • Roger Beep - Optional Roger beep that activates after keying the microphone
  • Talkback - Hear your transmission after you send it
  • External Vox Microphone Jack - The President McKinley SSB is compatible with voice-activated microphones for hands free use. 
  • Memory Channel - One memory channel is available
  • Compact Size - Mounts easily in small-cab vehicles


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Rex Simmons
President McKinley SSB

Quick order response and delivery from RCR. I was already familiar with this radio from use in our truck and RV, but bought another to use at home. Way better as a base radio than anything else I have in storage, including an old Galaxy DX 2547 that I pulled out of mothballs and put right back again after hooking up the McKinley. A well-made, feature-rich radio with excellent SSB performance.

Chris Custer
Nice Radio

First CB since the mid 1970’s. Just wired the President McKinley to the Stryker A-10 magnetic mount going on the roof. Unit is in an 07 Dodge 3500. Audible SWR calibration worked great and was simple to dial in. Radio works great. Own several different wx radios from one in the boat, two in the house and a hand held marine uhf/wx. The Mckinley wx band is the clearest and best sounding by far. Receives clearly on several channels from home location. Haven’t had much time to work the SSB. Put just checking the features all work great. Love the channel scan, also! In the process of removing wasted space center seat and plastic console in truck to fab a wood console and mount for the radio. Will have much more room when done. Have owned the truck since 2009. Should have geared up years ago! Thanks, Right Channel...

Robert Morris
Still waiting

Can't tell you about the radio because I haven't received the power supply to set it up in my house

Jerry Hammons
Great radio if you like menu driven radios

The Mckinley was not my first choice for an SSB CB. I wanted a Galaxy 959. But they were out of stock everywhere. I needed an SSB radio with variable RF output, and the Mckinley was the only one readily available. Because it uses a menu, it can be a hassle to get set up properly to begin with, but once I got it set up, it works great. This radio will be used as a base station, hooked up to a 30 amp 13.8V power supply and Antron 99 antenna, so I don't know how it would hold up in mobile applications, but it seems to be very well made. I'm happy with it.

Dennis B.
Fast shipping

Product arrived fast. Have not had the time to set it up with so much going on at the moment. It was packaged well and can’t wait to get it set up. Recommend this company for all the knowledge on their site and quick shipping.