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Premium RG8X CB Coax - 9' or 18' Best Seller


  • This extra-beefy RG8X coax is resistant to kinks, cuts, door slams & mother nature
  • Extra shielding & hand-soldered ends sets it apart from cheaper RG58 coax
  • Available in your choice of 9’ or 18’ lengths

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Looking for coax that can take a beating and keep on going?  Say hello to our premium RG8X cable, the beefiest coax we carry.  It's an ideal choice for heavy-duty vehicle applications as well as base station setups.  RG8X is constructed to be thicker than the RG-58 and is recommended for situations where the coax may see higher-than-average wear or when a stouter cable is desired.  A 95%+ shielding rating prevents signal leak and outside interference, resulting in longer transmission range and a clearer signal. The cable's hand-soldered, quality PL-259 ends are less likely to break or short than cables with molded ends.   Also available in 25', 50', 75' and 100' lengths here.

Model / SKU:Belden or Comparable RG8X
Coax Type:

RG-8X (Premium Single)

Connection Type:


Product Details:95%+ shielding rating
Quality, hand-soldered PL-259 ends
Thick, 24" diameter build
Stranded center
9' or 18' long
Dual PL-259 ends
Compatible with:All CB radios and mount studs that accept a PL-259 coax connection. For most uses, we recommend 18' over 9' because the longer cable is more resistant to performance and installations problems. The 9' length doesn't cause problems, but 18' lengths tend to work better when installation issues arise, which is why we recommend them.


Customer Reviews

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Shelby Evins

Great product and great service! Thank you.

jason marriott

great service, fast delivery

Great product

I bought the 18 foot length and it was perfect.

Nicholas Lepordo
Premium Coax

Nice construction and overall quality spot on 10/10

Robert G.
Good quality wire

Good quality.