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Firestik FireRing CB Coax with FME - 18' Best Seller


  • Our most versatile coax cable has a ring-style connection that’s perfectly suited for low-profile installations
  • Weather-resistant build and easy installation
  • FME screw-off connection allows for easier cable routing through holes and/or firewalls
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We knew Firestik was serious when they dubbed this coax the “FireRing”. After all, any reference to a song from the legendary Johnny Cash, no matter how subtle, means business. This 18’ coax cable is unique because it leaves your mount at a 90-degree angle, perfectly suited for low-profile, tight installations. The FME (for mobile equipment) end is reduced from 3/4" to 3/8" with a threaded connector, making it much easier to run your coax through narrow spots. It screws on and off with ease, making installation, drilling and cable routing much simpler. Hook this coax up to your rig and you’ll make Mr. Cash proud.

*This coax no longer includes the 3/8" x 24 x 1 1/4" FireRing bolt

Model / SKU:Firestik MU-8R18
Coax Type:
RG-58 (Single)
Connection Type:Ring
Product Details:18' long
Low-profile, weather-resistant ring connection
Can be mounted above or below mounting surface
FME connector for easier routing and installation
95% shielding
Stranded center conductor
Polyvinal center for durability
(stud sold separately)
Compatible with:All CB radios. The ring terminal is compatible with lug and ring style antenna studs 

The FireRing connector from Firestik is an extremely well-built, versatile and respected cable connection. The small amount of room that the FireRing utilizes make it the perfect choice for use under headliners or installations where space is limited.

The FireRing connector is weatherproof, low-profile and easy to install. The FireRing can be installed below or above the mount surface.

  • Stranded center conductor to maximize flexibility and prevent untimely breakage
  • Shielding coverage that averages 95% to protect against RF leaks and interference
  • Polyvinyl center insulation for ruggedness and longevity.
  • Performance that exceeds mil-spec requirements for 50 ohm RG-58A/U coax.



Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
George Bennett

The coax worked perfectly for were I had to run it.the brakit is pretty strong. thank you for the fast delivery 🖖👽

Donald James
Firestik fire ring

I like the look of fire ring and I like the way it fits together. That's about all I can say. I haven't got it installed yet. My hold up is I'm waiting on the firestik stake pocket mount that everybody is out of or on backorder. When I get the firestik stake pocket mount then I can install it. Thank you,Donald James.

Camilien Audet
Defect cable

The cable is grounded. Nothing to do with it

Clyde F.
Nice Low Profile, FME Easier To Install, BUT…..

….. the shielding could be better, instead of just adequate.

Jack F.
Good stuff

Great cable