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Should You Be Using No-Ground Equipment?

If you try to use standard ground-based CB equipment with a vehicle that needs a "no ground plane" antenna, you'll experience both high SWR levels and extremely poor performance. Vehicles that require NGP equipment:

  • Have a fiberglass shell or coating over much or all of the vehicle
  • Have little or no metallic chassis for the antenna to be grounded to

Vehicles that should use NGP equipment include:

  • Motor homes and large fiberglass coaches
  • Camper shells where the antenna is mounted directly to the fiberglass (instead of the vehicle)
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles with little or no ground plane

In these circumstances and with these vehicles, NGP equipment should be used. Please note that NGP installations require a special NGP coax and antenna. Using either a ground-based coax cable OR a ground-base antenna will cause problems. While NGP antennas and coax cables can be purchased separately, they're usually sold as part of a complete NGP kit.

For more information, please refer to our No Ground Plane CB Antennas.

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