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Midland 1001 LWX


  • A full-featured compact radio at an excellent price
  • Offers NOAA weather channels and a backlit digital display for easy operation at night
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The Midland 1001 LWX offers an incredible number of features in a surprisingly small and affordable package. Dollar for dollar, you can't find a radio with more features for a price this low! The NOAA weather channels that keep you informed on changing conditions are a feature usually found on more expensive radios. The Midland 1001 LWX also includes a backlit digital display for easy operation at night. Also included is a public address (PA) mode, RF gain and automatic noise blocker. All this is tucked into a small and compact chassis that measures only 4.5" wide by 1.75" high. 

Model / SKU:Midland 1001LWX
Recommended for:Users who want the popular weather and PA features in a compact and affordable package. Recommended for cars, trucks, off-road vehicles and pick-ups.
Radio Features:Weather, Public Address, Backlit Display, Noise Reduction (NB/ANL)
Compatible with:
Compatible with all CB antennas on the market. Cable connection utilizes standard CB PL-259 connection. Radio mounts with "U" mounting bracket to any flat surface.
Product Includes:
  • Radio and 4-pin microphone
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Two-wire power cord
  • Microphone hanger
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    Three Years
    Radio Dimensions:
    7.25" x 4.5" x 1.75"
    Download Manual:
    To download / view the manual, please click here.
    • NOAA Weather Stations - Stay up-to-date on current and future weather conditions using the built-in NOAA weather channel tuner
    • Backlit Digital Display - Easy to read at night, the backlit digital display provides information on the current channel, radio mode and signal strength
    • PA/CB Switch - Easy switching between CB transmissions and PA output
    • RF Gain - Filters out signals based on strength to isolate desired transmissions, making it easier to hear faint signals or block out distracting background noise
    • Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) - Reduces noise for cleaner incoming signals
    • Compact Size - The 1001 LWX's compact size makes it simple to install in even the smallest vehicles


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Christopher A.
    Great radio

    Works well! Really good range.

    Ervin j.
    have not install at this

    have not install at this time , waiting for other parts to be delivered

    William M.

    My second one . Haven’t used it yet . I hope it holds up better then the first one .

    David s.
    Small package big performance

    This is the best compact radio on the market. Simple and easy to use on the road without looking, good off-the-shelf power and tweakable.

    Frazier H.
    Good Little Radio

    I've had this installed for 4 or so years, and it's finally starting to show some strange habits depending on it's mood. (skipping 4 or so channels with 1 "click" of the selection knob, and weather only works around 75% of the time. But other than that, it's held up nicely, and it's hard to beat all those features for the price. I do occasionally find the backlit display a little intense at night, but it's mounted close to the steering wheel so it's probably just a matter of being in my sight all the time. I'll probably move to a Bearcat 520 when this one finally calls it quits,(for the improved ruggedness) but for now it is still hanging in there.