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Dodge Ram CB Antenna Kit

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  • Full antenna kit designed specifically for Dodge Ram trucks
  • Includes everything you need for an antenna install on your rig

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Drill no more, my friend. This CB Antenna Kit has everything you need to quickly install a factory-looking system to your Dodge Ram. It features the light fiberglass Firestik Firefly CB Antenna, a factory-looking mount specific to your model year, and 12' of coax with FME, all in one package. An optional add-on is the Firestik CB Antenna Quick Disconnect that gets your antenna off the mount, sans tools, before you can say Jack Robinson.

Model / SKU:Dodge CB Antenna Kit
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Dodge Ram owners through 2018 looking for a high-value, high-quality CB Antenna Kit that has all the necessary parts for an easy install and long-lasting performance.
Antenna:The made-in-America Firestik Firefly CB fiberglass antenna offers quality and performance at a reasonable price. This antenna is less likely to whip in the wind due to its smaller gauge, which reduces the amount of wind drag on both the antenna and mount. Available in 3' or 4' lengths and comes in black.
Mounting Hardware:This complete antenna kit includes a factory-looking mount that's custom made for Ram model years since 1994. All mounts attach firmly to the driver's side hood channel on the driver side of the truck, uses existing hood bolts, for a no-hassle, no drilling install.
Additional Information:The package also includes a 12' CB Coax with FME, which is a low-profile, weather-resistant ring connection coax cable. The FME screw-off connection allows for easier cable routing through holes and/or firewalls. An optional add-on is the Firestik CB Antenna Quick Disconnect, which allows you to easily disconnect the antenna, sans tools, in a pinch.
Product Includes:

Full antenna kit specifically for Dodge Ram trucks with everything you need to quickly install a factory-looking system to your vehicle. Includes the light fiberglass Firestik Firefly antenna, mount options specific to your rig's model year, and 12' of coax with FME.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jack Jennings
Never again

Pics show correct position on driver side. It does not fit correctly on on the driver side of a 5th gen Ram. I spoke with a female in customer service. Her response was that it did not indicate driver side mount. Well don’t friggen show pictures of it mounted correctly on the driver side. Better yet don’t sell it at all, nobody wants an antenna mounted on the curb side, it’s less efficient!!! Last time I will ever purchase and will never buy from Right Channel.

Dennis D.
Bracket not strong enough!

Installed this on my 2018 Ram 3500. The kit included the 4ft Firestik. When driving at highway speed the bracket moves back and forth from the wind resistance of the antenna, even with using a spring. With the moving of the bracket, the stick on "protective" pieces did not last long, now the paint on the hood and fender is worn off & the spots are rusting. I have adjusted and tightened the bracket often. I got a 3ft Firestik and the bracket does not move as much but stills rubes the fender and hood. I would look for another location to mount the antenna.

Michael Borkowski

Dodge Ram CB Antenna Kit

Wesley Hardy
Getting back on the air.

First time ordering and was very pleased with the customer service and shipping speed. The email updates are hilarious too. Follow up questions on installation were answered quickly and clearly.

Corey A.
Awesome Kit

Has been on my 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Longhorn Lamaire for almost 3yrs without any issues. I pair it with the 3 foot firesik anteena and the Uniden cheap cb radio. Zero issues. I like ir