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Wilson 500 CB Antenna


  • A quality mid-sized antenna that offers excellent range and performance
  • Comes with a strong 10-ounce magnet that will stay put even at top highway speeds
  • All-in-one antenna includes magnet mount, 54" whip antenna & 17' of coax
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The Wilson 500 is a great solution if you want a bit more antenna than a basic 36" Wilson Little Wil, but aren't quite ready to install a 62" Wilson 1000 on your vehicle. Held securely in place by a strong 10-ounce magnet, this antenna is in no danger of falling off, even at highway speeds. The Wilson 500 is built using high-impact thermoplastic and will endure years of road use. Includes 17' of CB coax.

Model / SKU:Wilson W500 MAG BK
Recommended for:Users who want more range than a 36" whip will offer, but aren't ready to install a monster 62" antenna. Recommended for cars, vans, trucks and commercial vehicles.
Notable Features:Thermoplastic Construction, Strong 10-oz. Magnet, Two-Year Warranty
Compatible with:
All CB radios. Magnetic base easily installs on any flat vehicle surface.
Antenna Length(s):


Antenna Color(s):
Approximate Range:
Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • Approximately 3 to 5 miles
Product Includes:54" Wilson 500 CB Antenna
17' of CB coax

The Wilson 500 is a step up from the basic 36" Wilson Little Wil, but isn't as long or as high-performing as the 62" Wilson 1000 or 5000. This makes the Wilson 500 a perfect compromise for price, length and performance.

The Wilson 500 is made with a heavy-duty coil that uses 12-gauge copper wire in order to eliminate the resistive heat losses in the coil. Heavy-duty, high-impact thermoplastics ensure a quality product and years of durable performance. The Wilson 500 is also guaranteed to perform better than any other antenna (except the Wilson 1000 and 5000) or your money back!

  • 54" stainless steel whip
  • Magnetic mount base
  • 2,000 watt power rating
  • Made with high-impact thermoplastic
  • Weather channel ready

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Joe G.
Great antenna

Great antenna

Jon stone
First time used in rain, body heals water!

First time it was in rain, it heals water SWR⬆️

Kevin V
Excellent for 10-meters

Just completed a road trip from Phoenix to Seattle. Worked many DX contacts along the way with an old HTX-100 (barefoot at 25 watts) and this Wilson 500 (cut 3-inches off for 10m). Received great signal reports and even worked contacts in Japan and Mexico City. 10m is starting to blossom again. HIGHLY recommend this antenna if you're looking for a good 10m magnet-mount. -- N7AVS

Michael Carigon
Nice 10 meter mobile antenna

Works great for a small antenna that's easy on/off the car.

Joe G.
Great antenna

Great antenna