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Stainless Steel 3-Way CB Mount


  • A Versatile Mounting Option
  • Attaches CB antenna to any flat surface or horizontal/vertical bars
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This stainless steel 3-way mount will give you total control of your CB antenna situation. Use this mount to attach your CB antenna to a vertical or horizontal bar, or remove the back plate and mount directly to a vertical surface. This stainless steel mount is ideal for no-drill installations when using the back plate or it used as a standard "L" bracket and fabricated into a bumper, pickup truck bed rail, or whatever you can imagine. A SO239 antenna stud is included which will mate with your PL-259 coax cable. 

Model / SKU: JBC995SS
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Perfect for CB users who haven't yet decided where to mount their CB antennas. The 3-way mount offers versatility as you can mount it to vertical and horizontal bars or to any flat surface. It's frequently attached to mirror arms, bumpers, roof racks or the sides of vehicles. For horizontal mirror arms or bars measuring .25" - 1" in diameter. 

Compatible with:All CB antennas that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base. SO-239 stud requires CB coax cable with PL-259 ends.
Installation Notes:The mounting clamp can be positioned horizontally or vertically for various mirror arms and rails. It can also be removed, allowing you to use the angle bracket as a side "L" bracket on any flat vertical surface, such as the side of a bumper or a roof rack. The mount has a 4-bolt pattern, and comes with mounting hardware and a SO-239 antenna stud.
Mount Location:Mirror / Bar, Vertical Surface / Side Mount, Other
Stud Type:PL-259 (Barrel)
Material:Stainless Steel Bracket & Hardware
Product Includes:Mount and SO-239 stud
Antenna and coax sold separately

This will fit from ¼” bar to a 1” bar mount. It is 2” wide, and it can be mounted to vertical or horizontal bars.

Mount includes a single mirror groove, four-bolt assembly and a PL-259 compatible antenna stud. If you remove the four-bolt assembly, you can rotate the grooved side of the mount to fit the direction of the bar. To mount on a flat surface, simply remove the grooved side of the mount and bolt the flat side to the surface. The mount is compatible with all standard 3/8" antennas.

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