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K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna - 35"


  • A high-performance CB antenna that’s easy to install, easy to remove and made right here in the USA
  • Great combination of convenient size and performance at 3’ tall
  • All-in-one antenna includes magnet mount, whip antenna & coax
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The less time you can waste tinkering in your garage, the more time you’ll have on the road.  And this antenna doesn't requiring much tinkering.  The K30 antenna is a reliable standby since its inception decades ago thanks to its excellent performance and easy installation. This 10-ounce magnet holds securely to any metallic surface. The antenna can handle 300 watts of power, and the 35" antenna whip is crafted from rugged stainless steel. Includes 15' of shielded CB coax cable.

Model / SKU:K30
Recommended for:Cars, SUVs, trucks and other vehicles with a metallic mounting surface. This antenna can be installed and removed quickly, making it a great choice for customers who want to use one antenna for multiple vehicles.
Notable Features:35" Whip, Made in the USA, Rated for 300 Watts
Compatible with:
All CB radios. Antenna will mount to any flat, metallic surface.
Antenna Length(s):
Antenna Color(s):
Approximate Range:
Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Antenna Range Approximation.

  • Approximately 2 to 4 miles
Product Includes:K30 magnet mount antenna
35" stainless steel whip
15' of RG-58 95% shielded coax

Patterned after the top-selling K40 Baseload CB antenna, the K30 is ideal for the CB user who wants maximum performance from the antenna, but in a smaller, more versatile design. Computer designed and made in the USA, the K30 antenna features a 14-gauge coil wire for maximum power handling, 15' of pre-wired RG-58, 95% shielded coax cable with pre-terminated connectors, and a 35" whip for low clearances. A heavy-duty 10-ounce magnetic base is strong enough to stay put on any vehicle, even at high speeds, and makes mounting and removing effortless. The K30 is perfect for multicar families or use on leased or rented vehicles.

Universal Mounting application
600 watts AM power handling capability (ICAS)
Base-loaded coil
180 degree radius tip eliminates need for ball
15' pre-wired RG-58; 95% shielded coax with PL259 connector
Heavy-duty 4", 10-oz. magnet base

Made in U.S.A.



Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
I ordered one of these last year

I got it last year and it worked until it got crushed when I rolled my truck put it on my car this year and it still works not surprised good quality very nice antenna

Harvey Nickey

good antenna just what i needed i had to trim to get swr down on the high channel but all is good

Robin Rogers
Works Great!

it shoots skip, i'm happy : )

K30 Magnet Antenna

As always, right channel radios had excellent customer service and fast shipping.
I drive a jeep with a permanent CB setup, but I can’t always take it everywhere. When we decided to visit family this Xmas I borrowed my brothers car, which is a massive SUV. I bought this antenna to go along with a cheap, portable, Midland model 75-822. Install could not have been easier. Took me 15 minutes, in the dark, the morning we left. SWR is easily changed by very easy and convenient tuning on this antenna.
On the SUV, the antenna reaches a decent range. It usually does about 5-9 miles on flat open ground with a clear sky. Both send and receive signals are very clear, and there is very little static since i have mine mounted on the center of the roof, away from the engine and moving parts of the vehicle. Surprisingly, I was complemented twice for the send clarity of this setup. As it turns out, cheaper can sometimes be better.
Obviously the range is less on certain terrains. I have talked skip from coast to coast with this setup, but only on several occasions where conditions and terrain could not have been more perfect.

Now, this antenna is VERY nice, for the money. It has a place on vehicles that need a medium-shorter, non-permanent antenna. Maybe you’re going through parking garages etc like I was on my way down the east coast or you plan to only use it for a portion of the week at a time. Maybe you’re going to install it only when driving long distances and remove it once home.
If this is you, then I highly recommend this antenna.
If you want something permanent, or you want the best signal-range possible, go with a larger antenna or a permanent Stainless Steel 102” whip. Just know that doing so in either case, will make it harder to remove, and it will keep you from parking anywhere unless it’s outside and away from trees. (This includes parking garages, drive-throughs, home garages, car washes, “some tunnels in my experience”, etc).
I’ll end my ramble here by saying that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ANTENNA.
It’s well worth the price for a quick and easily portable setup. Especially when paired with the midland 75-822. I’d buy again in a heartbeat.

Terry A.
My grandson loved it

My grandson loved it