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Ford F250 & F350 CB Antenna Mount (1999 - 2007)


  • An easy install, this stainless steel hood mount is designed for owners of a 1999 - 2007 Ford F250 or F350
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Ever pull up alongside a Silverado at a traffic light, rev your engine a bit and give your next-lane neighbor that look? You’re both ready to cruise to the next light and see who’ll finish first, but guess what? That antenna mount you skimped on went flying off and you can see that Chevy driver laughing at you in the distance. Don’t let bad antennas happen to good trucks. Designed for F250 and F350 1999-2007 models, this antenna attaches firmly to the hood rail on the driver side of the truck. The mount includes a rust-resistant, stainless steel lug-style antenna stud that's compatible with ring or terminal end coax and supports antennas up to 4’ tall.

Model / SKU:AUF2-L
Recommended for:
Hood mounting a CB antenna on a Ford F250, F350 or Expedition built between 1999 and 2007.
Compatible with:All fiberglass and center-load antennas up to 4' tall that use a standard 3/8" x 24 threaded base.
Installation Notes:This mount installs easily on the driver side of the hood rail. Simply remove the factory bolt on the hood rail near the fender, then slide the mount into place and reattach the factory bolt over the hood mount.
Mount Location:Hood / Fender
Stud Type:Lug (Ring and Terminal)
Material:Stainless Steel
Product Includes:Hood mount, lug-style antenna stud
Antenna and coax sold separately

Mount Dimensions: 

The foot of the mount is 1", the straight vertical portion is 2" and the slightly angled portion is 1". The total height of the mount is 3".

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
GaryPaul L.
F350 Fender Mount

Hadn't used this type of mount before so didn't know how it would fit. Instructions were easy to follow and my 5' Firestick Antenna and bracket fit like a charm.

Dustin S.
Looks good and works well.

Looks good and works well.

Bryce H.
1991 F150

Fit great, I used it to mount on my 1991 F150.

Christopher M.
Gets the job done

Pretty looking mount, does well on the highway. Unfortunately there is not a lot of lateral stability, I drive over a rutted out dirt road to get to work and ended up having to pull the antenna (4' firestick with a 6" spring) because when it would get to rocking from side to side the entire mount would get jerked around. It looks like it was starting to pull the screws out that hold the base in place. Fine on the highway with a headwind though.

Thanks for the review Christopher. Did you add any additional support screws or bolts to the mount? If so, did you see an improvement in the lateral stability?

Neil L.
Worked Great...

Worked super right from the get go.... Just like you said it would. Thank You for good advice and product that works. I will refer people to you for sure!!