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Emergency Road Trip CB Radio Package


  • Emergency Road Trip CB Radio & Antenna Kit
  • Compact President Randy II AM/FM FCC + Virginia Magnet Antenna 
  • Quick & Easy Installation and Removal
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Whether you're traveling long-distance or simply want to have a "just in case" means of communication in remote areas, set your mind at ease with our Emergency Road Trip CB kit. To make this kit ideal in nearly any scenario, we've included the President Randy II handheld radio as it is compact and can be used as a stand-alone handheld radio OR in a vehicle with the magnetic President Virginia antenna. Additionally, the radio includes a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery along with a DC/cigarette lighter power plug to ensure you'll always have power to the radio. As an added bonus, the President Randy II improves to a 5-year warranty when purchased with the Virginia antenna that's already in this package.  

Model / SKU:President Randy II AM/FM FCC + President Virginia
Recommended for:This kit was designed for anyone who wants the ability to communicate on a CB radio but doesn't want to have their equipment installed all the time. The included radio and antenna are lightweight, compact and easy to store in any vehicle. If you want the peace of mind of having available communication equipment in any scenario, this kit is ideal. 
Radio:The President Randy II AM/FM FCC is full of features including 40 channels, a large 7-color LCD display, a durable case built to withstand the elements, and instant weather. Unlike other handheld CB radios that use AA's, the Randy includes a rechargeable 1800 mAh Li-on Battery pack for quicker charging and longer use. The Randy II also includes all the parts you need to attach the President Virginia or other external antenna. 
The President Virginia is a modern magnetic CB antenna that's low-profile and ideal for a compact emergency antenna. The Virgina is 19.69" tall, pre-tuned, 1/4 wave antenna that has a 250 watt power limit. This antenna is designed for the 26-28 MHz frequency range and receives NOAA weather channels.
Mounting Hardware:
The Virginia antenna is magnetic and designed to be mounted on the roof of a metallic vehicle. This antenna will NOT stick to aluminum vehicles.
Additional Information:
If you want to use the Randy II radio in a vehicle, we strongly recommend attaching it to the Virginia antenna. Using a CB handheld inside of a vehicle will NOT get much range as the signal will be reflecting inside of the vehicle cab. The Virginia antenna includes 13' of coax cable and should be mounted on the center of the vehicle roof. You may run the coax cable through a door if necessary, just be sure it's between weather stripping and not being pinched. 
Product Includes:

President Randy II AM/FM FCC

  • 12V DC Cigarette Adapter
  • AC Adapter
  • TNC to PL-259 Adapter
  • Belt Clip & Wrist Strap

President Virginia Antenna

  • 13' Coax Cable
  • Adjustable Antenna Angle

    Customer Reviews

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    Rickey B.
    I like the way that

    I like the way that you can us in the car and as a hand held:grinning:

    Great Transaction AAA +++

    Great product, great communication. Recommended 100%

    Rick Larson

    My order shipped extremely fast and I really like the "President" line of radio equipment. To top things off by pairing a President antenna with the Randy I get a 5 year warranty. Very satisfied customer here in Minnesota!!

    Rickey B.
    I like the way that

    I like the way that you can us in the car and as a hand held:grinning:

    Rickey Bishop

    I love the 2 radio,s I got 1 b for the car and 1 handheld