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Cobra 148 GTL


  • Enjoy the benefit of long-range SSB communications in a no-frills, super reliable unit
  • One of the most famous CB radios ever produced, praised for its durability, longevity and classic good looks
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This model has been discontinued and we recommend the President McKinleyUniden 980 and Galaxy 959 as replacements. 

If Budweiser is the King of Beer, consider this the King of SSB CBs. A bona fide radio legend, the Cobra 148 has been the backbone of channel banter for decades.  Cobra devotees praise it for its longevity and frills-free capability. Here’s why its the most durable rig around: the Cobra 148 GTL has long-range SSB capabilities, PA functionality, NB/ANL noise reduction and RF gain. And she’s easy on the eyes too—this model stays true to the original with tactile controls and a built-in SWR meter. 

Model / SKU:
Cobra C148GTL
Recommended for:
Users who want the benefit of long-range SSB communications in a rock-solid, reliable, no-frills unit. Most commonly used in pickups, semi trucks and commercial vehicles.

Radio Features:Public Address, Built-in SWR, Single Side Band (SSB), Dynamike Boost, Noise Reduction (NB/ANL), RF Gain, Tactile Controls
Compatible with:
Compatible with all CB antennas on the market. Mounts to any flat surface with "U" mounting bracket. Single Side Band (SSB) transmissions utilize the frequencies just above and below the standard 40 CB channels, can legally transmit at 12 watts (instead of 4 watts for standard CBs), and can achieve significantly improved range. SSB radios can communicate on the standard 40 CB AM channels with all CB users, but are only able to use SSB for long-range communication if BOTH parties have an SSB-equipped radio.
Product Includes:
  • Radio and microphone
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Fused power cord
  • Microphone hanger
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    Two Years
    Radio Dimensions:
    7-7/8" W x 9-1/4" D x 2-3/8" H
    Download Manual:
    To download / view the manual please click here.  

    The original Cobra 148GTL is back and better than ever! Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector for convenient in-dash installation, 9-foot microphone cord for easy reach anywhere within the cab, and tactile controls for added convenience and safety when adjusting functions. MSRP $189.95

    • 40 AM and 80 SSB Channels- 40 AM, 40 Upper Side Band, 40 Lower Side Band
    • 4 Watts AM, 12 Watts SSB - The maximum allowed by law
    • SWR Calibration - Allows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance
    • 9-Foot Microphone Cord - For easy reach within any area of the vehicle
    • Front Microphone Connector - Allows convenient installation in or under dash
    • Tone Control - Three-position control allows fine-tuning of audio levels
    • Adjustable Dynamike Boost - Dynamically boosts microphone for increased voice clarity
    • Tactile Controls - Allows you to feel where the dial is in its rotation without taking your eyes off the road
    • PA Capability - Use your CB radio as a public address system with PA speaker; incoming signals can also be monitored through PA
    • RF Gain - Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas
    • Switchable Noise Blanker - For increased noise reduction
    • Dimensions - 7-7/8" W x 9-1/4" D x 2-3/8" H
    • Warranty - Two-year limited manufacturer's warranty