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Bird Perch CB Antenna Mount for Volvo Semi Trucks


  • Mounting bar installs horizontally in a pre-existing hole on newer Volvo semi trucks
  • Provides a metal-to-metal connection for a solid ground plane
  • Made to mount on the Driver Side
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Made specifically for newer Volvo trucks, the exposed mounting bar is 4.5" long and threads into a pre-existing hole on the truck's bird perch. The mounting bar installs horizontally and is made to install on the driver side, as wind resistance will unthread the mounting bar if installed on the passenger side. Because this mounting bar installs horizontally, be sure to get an antenna mount (not included) that can attach to horizontal bars. We recommend the Firestik 3-way mount or the HD mirror mount if you have a large antenna.  

Model / SKU:SSR50
Recommended for:
Mounting on the "bird perch" of newer Volvo semi trucks. This is a mounting bar and the antenna mirror mount is sold separately.
Compatible with:Newer Volvo trucks and CB mounts that can attach to a horizontal bar.
Installation Notes:The mounting bar installs into a pre-existing hole on the side of the bird perch. One installed, attach the CB mirror mount to the mounting bar. The mount is only made for the driver side mounting as wind resistance can cause the mount to unthread on the passenger side. 
Mount Location:Volvo Bird Perch
Stud Type:NA
Material:Stainless Steel
Product Includes:5.5" mounting Bar (4.5" exposed)
CB antenna mount sold separately

4.5" Mounting Bar made for newer Volvo semi trucks. The mount threads into a pre-existing hole on the truck's bird perch for a no-drilling installation. The mounting bar is designed to receive a CB mirror mount that can attach to a horizontal bar. The total length of the mount is 5.5", with 4.5" exposed after the mount is attached.