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Antron 99 Base Station Antenna Best Seller


  • A popular choice for a CBer or small business that needs a CB base camp 
  • Features the Adjust-A-Match tuning feature to help find the right frequency
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The 18' Antron 99 Base CB antenna is perfect for the CB user who wants a base CB setup but isn't interested in taking out a loan to buy the equipment. This antenna is a popular choice for small businesses that use base CB location for their specific areas but don't need to talk across the country. Tuning the Antron 99 is simple with the Adjust-A-Match tuning feature, which lets you move two rings up and down the antenna to set the frequency. The Antron 99 is perfect if you're looking for an effective, high-value antenna.

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Model / SKU:A-99
Recommended for:CB communication from a building or mobile command center. Perfect for commercial or recreational CB base station users.

Notable Features:18' tall, SWR tuning rings, Rated at 2000 wattage, 9.9 DBI gain
Compatible with:
All CB radios. The 18' base antenna includes "U" bolt mounting hardware to attach to a post or the side of a building.
Antenna Length(s):
    Antenna Color(s):
    Approximate Range:
    Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Antenna Range Approximation.

    • Approximately 15 to 25 miles
    Product Includes:Antron 99 antenna, mounting hardware
    Coax cable sold separately

    One of the most popular base antennas available, the Antron is known for providing great base TX/RX performance at a very reasonable price! At just over 17 feet tall, the antenna is large enough to get out a good distance, and small enough for home and small commercial installations.

    The Antron 99 Base Station Antenna makes it possible to tune the input to the antenna and obtain the right SWR reading over a range of frequencies, thanks to the Solarcon Twin Ring Adjust-A-Match tuning feature. Raising and lowering the rings will determine how low or high the frequency will be.

    1/2 wave over 1/4 wave antenna
    DC grounded
    Can be used on 10-12 meter frequencies
    3-section fiberglass construction
    Female UHF coax connection
    No ground needed
    Includes U mounting bolts


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Luis Primero
    Antron A 99

    Seems like a great performer so far. Happy with my purchase. Thank You

    Brock B.
    A-99 and its "Said Gain"!!!

    The Antron 99 is nothing more than a 1/2 wave end fed dipole and in the real electrical physics world,the A-99 "CAN NOT" produce a 9.0 dbi gain....PERIOD!!!!. Whoever drummed up those numbers should be kicked in the nutz!!!

    Extremely satisfied

    Great antenna easy to install matched perfectly right our of the box.
    Shipping was fast I would do business with you again.

    Valerie C.

    Awesome product great staff very friendly over the phone great company

    Jake H.
    Amazing Spectrum range

    Works with my Icom 7300. 17m-10m with built in tuner. Works on my CB with less than 1.3 SWR across CB band. I am not sure there is a better antenna out there for CB.