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Diffrerent Coax Types

RG58 (Regular)

This is the standard grade coax included with many kits, mounts and packages. It has average shielding and an average thickness exterior with the cable diameter measuring about 0.20".

RG8X (Premium)

RG8X is like standard coax on steroids. It has a stranded center, which makes it less likely than a solid center (found on cheaper coax) to snap when bent and pinched. It usually also has beefier insulation, and is just thicker in general measuring in at around a 1/4" diameter.

If you'll be using your coax in heavy-duty conditions and want something that's more likely to hold up to abuse, we recommend going with RG8X coax.

RG59 (Dual Antenna)

If you're running dual antennas, you must use RG-59 coax which is built to connect two antennas to a single radio.  Any other type of coax won't work with your dual antenna setup.  Some people will purchase regular coax cable and try to use a T-connector to install everything. While everything will wire up properly, your dual antenna system simply won't work.