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The Wilson Flex CB Antenna was designed with the rugged CB user in mind. This antenna can flex 180 degrees, making it perfect for environments where the antenna will be exposed to low-hanging branches, shrubs or other obstacles. Also, the antenna can handle extreme weather and vibration while still performing well. Tuning the antenna is a breeze with the integrated tunable tip. Just screw the tip in or out to set your SWR. The versatility and durability of the Wilson Flex CB Antenna make it a popular choice for the owners of Jeeps and other off-road vehicles.

*The Wilson Flex is only available in 4'length. If you are looking for a flexible antenna that is shorter, consider the 2' or 3' Fiberglass Flex Antenna.

Wilson Flex CB Antenna

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Additional Information

Model / SKU: Wilson FLEX 4'
Recommended for: Drivers who frequently encounter low-hanging branches or other obstacles that could hit the antenna. Although the Flex can take the thrashing, its flexible build does reduce its transmit performance. If you're more keen on getting maximum transmit range, we recommend using a traditional fiberglass antenna, such as the Firestik FS or Wilson Silver Load, with a spring instead.
Notable Features: 180-Degree Flexibility, Tunable Tip
Compatible with: All CB studs and mounts that use the industry-standard 3/8" x 24 thread.
Antenna Length(s) 4'
Antenna Color(s) Black
Approximate Range:

Range(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • 4' Length: 3 to 4 miles
Product Includes: Wilson Flex CB Antenna
Mount and coax cable sold separately


The Wilson Flex is extremely similar to the FGT series, with the added benefit of antenna flexibility. It's designed specifically for the CB user needing an antenna that can handle rigorous vibrations from a truck, rugged use and extreme changes in weather, and still perform well. The Wilson Flex has an exclusive impedance-matching transformer to give good SWR without sacrificing power gain. The Flex series includes a tunable tip, making antenna tuning as simple as twisting a knob. Wilson uses 22-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses and increase performance. And if the Flex doesn't outperform your current similar antenna, Wilson will refund your money! (Please see manufacturer's website for full details.)

  • Flexible design protects antenna and mount while improving durability
  • Guaranteed to perform better than your current fiberglass antenna
  • 4' antenna length
  • Adjustable tip for quick and easy tuning
  • Includes antenna weather cap
  • 22-gauge silver-plated wire to reduce resistive losses
  • Compatible with weather channels
  • Exclusive impedance-matching transformer lead
  • 3/8" X 24" standard threaded mounting
  • One-year warranty
  • You can return to the Wilson CB Antennas page or to the CB Antenna homepage.

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    Customer Reviews


    Review by SeeBow
    Overall Rating
    Second Flex Antenna. Good reception. First one got whacked one too many times. New antenna was harder to tune. The extender tip was removed to get it within tolerance. So far so good. (Posted on September 3, 2014)
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    Great antenna.

    Review by Brian from CO
    Overall Rating
    This antenna is great! I was going to order the Firestik version but was afraid of the flexibility. this is super flexible. I ordered and installed a spring rated for the 4' antenna and couldn't be happier with the setup. (Posted on July 21, 2014)
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    Luck of the draw.

    Review by Code
    Overall Rating
    I installed this antenna and immediately noticed a series of clicks after every bump I hit at low speed. At first I thought my mount was loose, so I tightened and double checked the system. A week went by before it annoyed me enough to tear it apart. I found the metal stud had come loose from the fiberglass shaft on the end of the antenna because it only had one drop of epoxy/glue adhering maybe 20% of the two surfaces. The only thing stopping the shaft from coming out was the antenna wire, which I'm sure wasn't going to last too long getting flexed at the solder joint. I threw it in the trash and bought a Firestik. (Posted on May 7, 2014)
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    Application Specific

    Review by 76
    Overall Rating
    Design of the Wilson Flex 4 is unique. Nothing as light and flexible as it is on the market today. Tunes great as a 4 footer should. I have it mounted on my motorcycle, and it is very efficient with my Midland 75-822. Mostly positive reviews here, but have me wondering about its durability as Wilson only has a 1 year warranty on it. Silver plated thin wire up the tapered shaft also unique, but worried if soldered connections are stable over time ( I will have to check it periodically :(. Thinking of peeling back the covering at the bottom to make sure the solder joint is all that it should be. It's made in Vietnam which has me concerned a bit too, wish it was done with American man who handles soldering.

    Time will tell, but out of the box, the chrome plated ferrule threads made a unusual tight fit to the mounting lug to screw down. did not need the matching lead that drops it about 20 channels on resonance. Misleading specs as to exactly what gauge the winding wire is 24 or 22? Package says 24, website says 22, silver plated. The matching lead certainly isn't silver plated. Love the flexibility and slenderness which makes it look cool on my superbike. Yeah, I said Superbike. (Posted on November 13, 2013)
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