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  • All CBs have identical transmission power / range potential at 4 watts
  • Given identical power, focus on the radio features and size you want (click "Filter Products" below)
  • To learn more, see our detailed guide on CB radio selection
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Best Seller Cobra 75 WX ST Radio

Cobra 75 WX ST


Our most popular compact CB! Features an all-in-one unit and a very clean installation.

Best Seller Cobra 29 LTD CB Radio

Cobra 29 LTD Classic


Our bestselling full-sized CB, this radio is known for its longevity and durability

Best Seller Cobra 29 LX CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX


Cobra’s most modern CB with a full multicolor display

Best Seller Uniden Pro 510XL Front

Uniden Pro 510 XL


Our top-pick for an incredibly durable, compact (and surprisingly affordable) CB radio

Uniden Pro 520 XL

Uniden Pro 520 XL


A compact and tough unit with basic CB features along with PA capabilities and RF gain

Cobra 25 LX Front View with Microphone

Cobra 25 LX


Perfect for CB users looking for a midsize radio with a full CB feature set and huge display

Best Seller Cobra 148 GTL Stock Image

Cobra 148 GTL


Enjoy the benefit of long-range SSB communications in a no-frills, super reliable unit

Uniden 980 SSB CB Radio

Uniden 980 SSB


Long-range SSB performance along with a full feature set

Best Seller Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio

Galaxy DX 959


The best unit Galaxy offers with a five-digit frequency counter and long-range SSB performance

Best Seller Midland 75-822 CB Radio

Midland 75-822


The best of both handheld and mobile CBs with this go-anywhere rig that comes with a full car kit and a battery pack

Best Seller Cobra 38 WX ST Handheld CB Radio

Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld


Our bestselling handheld CB, renowned for its rugged, short-range capabilities that are ideal for job sites

Midland 1001 LWX CB Radio Front View with Microphone

Midland 1001 LWX


A full-featured compact radio at an excellent price

Cobra 29 LTD Chrome CB Radio Front View with Microphone

Cobra 29 LTD Chrome


A bestseller gets a sleek makeover with a special-edition chrome interface

Cobra 29 NW LTD CB Radio Front View with Microphone

Cobra 29 NW LTD


For night drivers who want a quality radio with all the features that make it safe and easy to use in the dark

Cobra 29 WX NW ST

Cobra 29 WX NW ST


Built for the driver that wants to monitor weather and CB channels day and night

Cobra 29 LTD BT Display & Microphone

Cobra 29 LTD Bluetooth BT


Syncs with your cell phone so you can make hands-free calls from the road

Cobra WX NW BT Stock Photo

Cobra 29 WX NW BT


With more features than you can count, the Cobra 29 BT NW WX CB radio is the ultimate tool for the professional driver

Cobra 29 LX BT

Cobra 29 LX BT


Same functionality as the Cobra 29 LX with advanced Bluetooth technology

Best Seller Cobra 29 LX Camo CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX Camo


All the modern features of the Cobra 29 LX but sporting an impressive camouflage look

Cobra 29 LX Chrome CB Radio Front View

Cobra 29 LX Chrome


Perfect for professional and amateur CB users who want a unique, quality, full-featured CB radio

Best Seller Cobra 25 LTD CB Radio

Cobra 25 LTD


The toughest midsize CB on the market with RF gain and PA function

Cobra 25 NW LTD CB Radio Front View

Cobra 25 NW LTD


For night drivers looking for a dependable CB radio with a solid feature set

Best Seller Cobra 25 NW WX CB Radio

Cobra 25 WX NW ST


Features a backlit display for easy night operations & weather channels to stay on top of changing conditions

Best Seller Uniden 880 CB Radio

Uniden 880


A high-performance CB with backlit display for nighttime use