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If you're hunting for an off-road CB radio package, but you'd prefer not to spend a fortune on a new install, this kit is for you! We worked closely with off-road owners to create an affordable yet durable package to simplify shopping and installation. This kit is built around the Uniden 510 radio, known for its no-frills, compact design. And its legendary reputation for reliability makes it a top pick with our off-road and industrial customers. We also include a durable Firestik or Wilson antenna, choice of mounting hardware, high-grade coax and SWR meter -- everything you need for a complete install! Get a proven, trail-ready install without the hours of shopping and research with the Uniden Jeep & Off-Road Kit. *The compatibility of the Jeep  mounts is listed in the mounting hardware section below. Be sure that the mount is compatible with your year of Jeep!

Have a JK Jeep? Click Here to check out our JK CB Kit.

Uniden Jeep Kit

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  • Jk Tire mount
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  • Teraflex Tail light Mount
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Additional Information

Model / SKU: Uniden Jeep Kit + (SWR2T + A8X1 |OR| AUSWR) + iKit
Recommended for: Jeep and off-road users who need a durable, long-lasting CB system. This package features multiple Jeep-specific mounts that attach to the hood, tail light or spare tire carrier (see "Mounting Hardware" for compatibility). This kit is also useful for light truck drivers, as the compact radio fits easily in a small cab, and the three-way mount can easily attach to the pickup bed rail. If you drive an FJ Cruiser, choose the Bandi mount, which attaches to the hinge of the tailgate with no drilling.

Choose between the Uniden 510 or Uniden 520 CB radios. These compact, durable radios will easily fit in the cab of your vehicle without taking up valuable space. The Uniden Pro 510 XL is the base model radio, while the 520 XL offers PA (public address) and RF gain functions. If you would like to have a PA system, make sure to select the Uniden Pro 520.


The kit provides two antenna options:

  • Firestik FS: The Firestik FS series is the most popular fiberglass CB antenna on the market today. It doesn't offer the flexibility of the Wilson Flex, but it does provide significantly better transmit and receive performance. Also, you can add a CB spring to the antenna and mount to provide limited flexibility if desired. If optimal range is most important, the Firestik FS antenna is a better choice than the Wilson Flex.

  • Wilson Flex: On the trail, it's convenient to have an antenna that can survive getting snagged, bent, bowed and abused. Subsequently, we picked an antenna that can bend 180 degrees without breaking: the Wilson Flex. These 3' and 4' antennas provide superior protection against snapping and hold up well to the rigors of off-road use. While flexible, they don't offer the same level of transmit and receive performance that a traditional fiberglass antenna like the Firestik FS does. If flexibility is most important -- and long-range communication isn't crucial -- the Flex is a good choice.
Mounting Hardware:

We include a choice of six mounting kits for a great deal of flexibility and customization. All kits include a quality CB antenna mount and a high-grade CB coax cable. Three mounting options are included in the price of the kit, while custom Jeep and FJ mounts are available as a $19.95 upgrade. Please see the mounting links below for individual kit details.

Mounting Options:

Additional Information:

The off-road package also includes an SWR meter and jumper cable for tuning your CB antenna. If you don't know how to tune a CB antenna, take a look at our CB antenna tuning guide and video.

Product Includes:

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Customer Reviews

THE Best place to buy your CB Radio..... PERIOD!

Review by BCBrian
Overall Rating
When I ordered my Uniden 520XL kit from right channel Radio's, I wanted to install it the following weekend. I placed my order on Saturday and the following Wednesday, the kit was delivered! I was ECSTATIC that they had upgraded my shipping to ensure that I received it in time... just EXCELLENT Customer Service. After opening the package and realizing that I had ordered the wrong Antenna Mount, I contacted them on Thursday and placed an order for the Door Jamb Mount that I needed. Once again, they went above and beyond my expectations and rushed the mount to me for a discounted price! I received it on Saturday and installed the kit on Sunday.

The install went smoothly and after figuring out that the Antenna ground should NOT be utilized, the set up yielded an SWR meter reading of 1 and works great! After dropping the tiny set screw for the tip of the Antenna and not being able to find it, I contacted them once again to see if they could send me a replacement. I received a message yesterday that 2 set screws are on the way! This is BY FAR the best internet sales company I have EVER dealt with! Order your radio from Right Channel Radios with CONFIDENCE! Thank You for the SUPERB Customer Service,
(Posted on April 18, 2014)
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Nice all inclusive kit.

Review by JeepTJ
Overall Rating
Instructions are clear. All worked as promised. I'll buy my next radio here. (Posted on April 9, 2014)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No

2002 Wrangler

Review by Scott
Overall Rating
I ordered the Uniden 520 with 4ft Firestik and behind the left tail light mount. Since I have no experience with CB radios, I read ALL the install info and watched the videos before my order arrived. With all the knowledge from the website, installing the radio was easy. I achieved a 1.2 SWR reading on all channels from 1-40. The one thing they really don't cover to well is the antenna and mount grounding; where the antenna goes through the mount hole there has to be metal to metal contact. So if it's powder coated like mine was, you have to sand the area down to get that contact.

Also sand the interior of the bolt holes that attach the mount to your vehicle so its grounded to the body. After reading all the horror stories about bad grounds causing problems I also ran a 10 gauge wire from the back side of a mounting bolt to the frame. Use a meter to check continuity for your antenna all the way to the frame. The only thing Right Channel Radios doesn't provide is installation so read, read, read and do it right! Good luck! (Posted on March 11, 2014)
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Awesome kit, price and store!

Review by Charles
Overall Rating
I bought this kit as a Christmas gift for my brother. It came with everything needed to install and was easy to put in his Jeep. The components in the kit work very well together. My brother said the radio had a lot of static at first but turned out to be a bad ground for his antenna. He grounded it out in a better place and said it works awesome. He has convinced me to buy it for myself now to put on my RZR 900. (Posted on January 19, 2014)
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