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This complete kit from Firestik makes it easy to achieve that factory-installed CB look on your RV, motorhome, boat or trailer. It's desito perform when installed on non-metallic surfaces. The included side mount creates a sleek, clean install. The Firestik Firefly-style antenna has a lightweight, thin profile, which reduces stress on the mount and cuts down on wind noise. Also included is a 17' coax cable, which attaches to the side mount from the drill point on the inside of the vehicle and is 95% shielded to minimize signal loss.

Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit

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  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit
  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side Mount Kit
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  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit
  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit
  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit
  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit
  • Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit

Additional Information

Model / SKU: Firestik LG3-M2, LG4-M2
Recommended for: RVs, motorhomes and trailers that lack a metallic chassis. A large metallic chassis (i.e., ground plane) is necessary for standard CB equipment to work properly. However, the no-ground equipment in this kit is specially engineered to work when installed on fiberglass, wood and other non-metal surfaces. For more information on installing NGP systems, please see these NGP Installation Tips.
Notable Features: Very Clean Looking Install, Easily Tunable Antenna, 5 Year Antenna Warranty
Compatible with: Virtually all CB radios. The side mount requires the drilling of two holes in the mounting surface and can be installed on surfaces up 0.28 inches thick. Access is required on the inside of the vehicle to secure the mounting bolts and connect the coax cable.
Antenna Length(s) 3', 4'
Antenna Color(s) Black, White
Approximate Range:

Range(s) provided are for comparison purposes only and are subject to numerous installation and environmental variables. For more detailed information, please see our reference article on CB Radio Range.

  • 3' Length: 2 to 3 miles
  • 4' Length: 3 to 5 miles
Product Includes: 3' or 4' Firestik NGP Antenna
Firestik M-2 Side Mount
17' of Firestik NGP Coax


This quality kit provides an ideal solution when a good vehicle chassis ground isn't available. Whether installed on an RV, trailer, motorhome or boat, this kit will provide superior CB performance in a no-ground environment. All kit components are high-quality parts manufactured by Firestik.

The antennas used in these kits are extremely similar to Firestik's Firefly series, but specially modified for NGP applications. They include a tunable tip, which makes adjusting for peak performance and minimal SWR as simple as turning a screw on top of the antenna.

The kit uses Firestik's molded M-2 "teardrop" side mount. The black plastic shell has a textured finish to give the installation a professional look. All hardware and coax connections are hidden in the inner wall of the vehicle to maintain visual integrity and prevent weather exposure. The actual mounting surface is approximately 3.125" (79mm) x 1.675" (43mm). Outward protrusion is about 1.875" (48mm). This mount comes with all of the required mounting hardware, rubber gasket, metal reinforcement plate, nylon insulator and ground terminal lug, and can be mounted to surfaces up to 0.28 inches (7mm) thick.

The 17' coaxial cable used in these kits is of the highest quality. The NGP cable assembly that comes with this kit utilizes a custom manufactured coaxial cable available only through Firestik. This NGP cable can only be directly attached to Firestik NGP antennas. If a longer cable length is required, the user may add standard RG-58 A/U cable between the radio and NGP cable, preferably in lengths that are multiples of nine feet. Because it is a tuned circuit, the length cannot be reduced without causing non-repairable damage.

If you purchase this kit, please make sure to read these important NGP installation instructions.

Kit Includes:
  • 3' or 4' NGP FireFly Style CB Antenna
  • M-2 Firestik Molded Side Mount
  • 17' NGP Fire-Flex Coax Cable
  • Wire Microphone Hanger
  • Warranty: Five Years for Antenna, One Year for Mount and Coax

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Customer Reviews

Easy installation, helpful instructions.

Review by Rod
Overall Rating
I have a class CRV and I purchased a 3' Firestik NGP side mount. I installed the antenna on the drivers side, with 2 1/2 feet of the antenna above the roof. I was reluctant to drill two holes through the fiberglass but the mount had a rubber gasket and I used silicone. After calculating a location (inside & out) ; I cut an opening on the inside the size of a wall plate through the wood veneer and scraped out the foam insulation. I drilled a tiny pilot test hole and then the correct size holes. The 17' NGP cable was just enough, none to spare. The instructions were helpful, I am happy with the installation and appearance, but have not had a chance to field test it yet. (Posted on April 22, 2014)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)

Firestik products are great.

Review by SeasonedSole
Overall Rating
I installed Firestik NGP side mounts in 3 different motorhomes over the years. Looks like factory install and works good. Very easy to tune. (Posted on April 11, 2014)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)

Great instructions and works like advertised.

Review by Carey
Overall Rating
No complaints about the entire process. My order arrived when they said it would, the instructions were easy to follow, including pitfalls to watch out for, and it looks great. I installed it on the side of my Coachmen RV which looks like it came from the factory with it on.

Originally couldn't get the SWR to come within the range I wanted, but after I pulled the RV further from the barn I was able to get both high and low frequencies below 1.5 by using the easy antenna adjustments. (Posted on April 2, 2014)
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)

4 Foot Antenna with Side Mount Worked Great on My Class C Winnebago

Review by Ray All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
The service from RCR was great. I got my package in about 4 days (faster than I expected) and everything arrived in great shape (considering how big the package was). You can't go wrong with these guys!

I installed it above the window of the cab-over and ran the cable down into the headliner and have the radio mounted in the center of the cab. I drilled 2 holes and installed the mount. I didn't cut out a section of wall or anything. I just drilled the 2 holes and used couplers and some more all-thread to get through the wall and all the insulation and then put the backing plate on the inside wall. It doesn't look as pretty as if it was hidden in a cabinet or something but it works and was easy to install. I had to adjust the SWR a little bit. I am at 1.5 on channel 1 and 40 and right about 1 on channel 19. I get all kinds of people talking now. I am using this with a Cobra 29 LX. The 4' antenna is a little long for where I put the mount (my antenna is now the tallest thing on my RV) but it works great and as long as I don't go through any low overpasses I'll be OK.

For anyone who might be a little hesitant on trying a NGP antenna system, you have nothing to fear. This Firestik setup works great and the guys here at RCR are very knowledgeable and will treat you right.

Happy Trails! (Posted on March 4, 2014)
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(3 of 4 people found this review helpful)

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