Jeep & Off-Road CB Radio Equipment

What You Should Know:

Equipment: We recommend fiberglass antennas almost exclusively, as they hold up to the rigors of off-road driving and can be mounted just about anywhere. Radios must be both durable AND compact. The Uniden 510 Show More...
and Cobra 75 radios fit the bill nicely and are our two best-selling off-road CB models. We also recommend stainless steel mounting hardware and RG8X coax, which is beefier and better shielded than standard grade coax. To protect your antenna and off-road vehicle, we suggest a spring for the inevitable impact that will occur.  

Mounting Considerations: If available, a vehicle-specific mount is typically the best option in terms of integration and convenience. We stock custom mounts for Jeep Wranglers, FJ Cruiser, Hummers and Toyota T100s. We also have a large number of Ford, Chevy/GMC and Dodge hood mounts in our CB Pick-up Truck category. General hood channel and rear bumper/tire carrier installations are also popular. If mounting on a swinging tire carrier, make sure that it's properly grounded to the chassis, as many are insulated. As always, the longer your antenna -- and the higher up you mount it -- the better your range will be.

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  1. Cobra 75 JK Kit

    JK Jeep CB Kit

    From: $209.95

    To: $211.95

    Built specifically for JK Jeeps, this CB kit includes everything you need for a complete, professional CB installation.  The kit, which has been installed in thousands of JK's, is built around the Cobra 75, the most popular Jeep CB radio due to its small size and full feature set.  Also included is the Teraflex JK spare tire mount, which attaches to the factory holes on the Jeep's spare tire carrier, your choice of a Firestik FS or Wilson Flex antenna, a compact external speaker and SWR meter.  Additionally, the JK kit includes a step-by-step photo installation guide which enables the most novice Jeepers to easily install this CB kit.
    *Detailed Installation Guide Included. The JK Jeep kit includes an installation guide with photos and step-by-step instructions for installing the CB system. Click here to preview the guide.  Learn More
  2. Cobra 75 Jeep & Off-Road Package

    Cobra 75 Jeep & Off-Road Kit

    From: $189.95

    To: $211.90

    Need a quality CB for your off-road vehicle? Not thrilled at the idea of researching dozens of parts to ensure they will all work together? If so, this kit is for you! We worked closely with 4x4 vehicle owners to assemble a kit that's built to perform on the trail, hold up to the elements, and make your shopping and installation easier. The kit, which has been installed in thousands of off-road vehicles, is built around the Cobra 75 radio, the most popular trail CB due to its small size and full feature set. We also include a durable Firestik or Wilson antenna, choice of mounting hardware, high-grade coax, speaker and SWR meter -- everything you need for a complete install! Get a proven, trail-ready install without the hours of shopping and research with our Cobra 75 Jeep & Off-Road Kit. *The compatibility of the Jeep  mounts is listed in the mounting hardware section below. Be sure that the mount is compatible with your year of Jeep!

    Have a JK Jeep? Click Here to check out our JK CB Kit.

    Learn More
  3. Uniden Jeep Kit

    Uniden 510 Jeep & Off-Road Kit

    From: $129.95

    To: $166.90

    If you're hunting for an off-road CB radio package, but you'd prefer not to spend a fortune on a new install, this kit is for you! We worked closely with off-road owners to create an affordable yet durable package to simplify shopping and installation. This kit is built around the Uniden 510 radio, known for its no-frills, compact design. And its legendary reputation for reliability makes it a top pick with our off-road and industrial customers. We also include a durable Firestik or Wilson antenna, choice of mounting hardware, high-grade coax and SWR meter -- everything you need for a complete install! Get a proven, trail-ready install without the hours of shopping and research with the Uniden Jeep & Off-Road Kit. *The compatibility of the Jeep  mounts is listed in the mounting hardware section below. Be sure that the mount is compatible with your year of Jeep!

    Have a JK Jeep? Click Here to check out our JK CB Kit.

    Learn More
  4. Cobra 75 WX ST Compact CB Radio

    Cobra 75 WX ST


    The Cobra 75 is our most popular compact CB and the top choice for off-road vehicle owners! All radio components are built in to the compact 3”x4” handset, making this an ideal choice when space or mounting options are limited. Despite being incredibly small, it still manages to pack a ton of features, including a backlit display, active channel scanning and NOAA weather alerts. All wiring is centralized in a small control box that can be mounted out of the way for a clean and professional installation. The radio can be quickly disconnected from the control box and, with the purchase of a second control box, used in a second vehicle. Learn More
  5. Uniden Bearcat PRO 510XL CB Radio

    Uniden Pro 510 XL


    One of the most popular and durable CB radios on the market, the Uniden Pro 510 XL is a great choice for off-road or industrial use. Heavy duty and compact, the Pro 510 XL provides basic CB functions and an ANL noise filter to reduce electrical or engine noise. This tough radio is ideal for use in commercial or off-road applications. If you want the durability of the Uniden Pro 510 XL, but would like either PA capability or RF gain, consider the Uniden 520 XL CB radio.

    Learn More
  6. JK Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna Kit (2007+)

    JK Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna Kit (2007+)


    New Jeep Product!
    Made specifically for JK Jeep wranglers (years 2007+), this antenna kit includes everything you need to install a CB antenna on your Jeep. Included in the kit is a stainless steel mount that attaches to the Jeep's spare tire carrier and does not require scraping like a power-coated mount, a 3' fiberglass antenna that is pre-tuned for Jeep wranglers, and a ring-style coax cable with FME connector which makes cable routing quick and easy. The kit also includes the CB antenna stud, mounting hardware and installation instructions. This kit is perfect for Jeepers who want an affordable, no-hassle, easy-to-install CB antenna kit for their JK.

    Learn More
  7. Uniden Bearcat PRO 520XL CB Radio

    Uniden Pro 520 XL


    The Uniden Pro 520 XL is one of the most popular CB radios that we sell! Ideal for off-road and commercial use, the Pro 520 XL has all the basic CB functions along with PA (public address) capability and RF gain. Compact and tough, this radio is built to withstand heavy use in rough conditions while being small enough to install in almost any vehicle. The Pro 520 XL is perfect for the CB user looking for a radio that's simple to use, has a few extra features and will last a lifetime. (The Uniden Pro 510 XL CB radio is similar to the Pro 520 XL, but is more affordable and doesn't have RF gain or PA capability.) Learn More
  8. Midland 75-822 Mobile CB Radio w/ Car Kit

    Midland 75-822


    The Swiss Army knife of CB radios, the Midland 75-822 can do almost anything! Use this radio as a handheld unit with the included rubber antenna and AA battery pack, or attach the car kit and use the unit with your mobile CB antenna and DC power source. Perfect for CB users who want to use a CB radio both in and out of their vehicles, and for users who want to easily move the radio from vehicle to vehicle. The car kit includes the cigarette power adapter and external antenna adapter. For mobile use, the radio has a small rubber duck-style antenna and battery pack requiring six AA batteries. Get the best of handheld and mobile CB radios with the Midland 75-822! Learn More
  9. Firestik FS II CB Antenna

    Firestik FS CB Antenna


    The Firestik II FS is our most popular fiberglass CB antenna and our top recommendation! The FS series is built for excellent transmit and receive performance, so you can count on outstanding performance in the field. Unlike many cheaper antenna makers, Firestik manufactures its equipment right here in the U.S., backing the antenna with a five-year replacement warranty. The antenna also includes an adjustable tip, making it a snap to adjust the antenna for optimal performance after installation. If you want the the best fiberglass antenna available, this is the one we recommend. Learn More
  10. Wilson Flex CB Antenna

    Wilson Flex Antenna


    The Wilson Flex CB Antenna was designed with the rugged CB user in mind. This antenna can flex 180 degrees, making it perfect for environments where the antenna will be exposed to low-hanging branches, shrubs or other obstacles. Also, the antenna can handle extreme weather and vibration while still performing well. Tuning the antenna is a breeze with the integrated tunable tip. Just screw the tip in or out to set your SWR. The versatility and durability of the Wilson Flex CB Antenna make it a popular choice for the owners of Jeeps and other off-road vehicles.

    *The Wilson Flex is only available in 4'length. If you are looking for a flexible antenna that is shorter, consider the 2' or 3' Fiberglass Flex Antenna.

    Learn More
  11. Firestik Firefly CB Antenna

    Firestik Firefly CB Antenna


    The Firestik Firefly antenna is the best performing lightweight fiberglass antenna on the market. Forty percent lighter than the Firestik FS, the Firefly allows you to mount a 4' antenna on a mount that's only rated for a traditional 3' fiberglass antenna. And this CB antenna is smaller in gauge, reducing the amount of wind drag on the antenna and mount. The Firestik Firefly also features a tunable tip and can be used in single or dual antenna setups. Choose the lightweight Firestik Firefly CB antenna to mount on your car, truck or SUV! Learn More
  12. Firestik FS3-64A8A CB Antenna Kit

    Firestik FS CB Antenna Kit


    This is our #1 selling complete antenna kit, and one we HIGHLY recommend! It contains everything you need to mount and wire an antenna and features premium components made in the USA by Firestik. The included FS CB antenna is our best-selling antenna and will ensure maximum transmit and receive performance. Designed for the elements, the stainless steel spring and mount are rust- and weather-resistant. The included three-way mount -- the most popular mount style we carry -- provides numerous mounting possibilities. Also included are 18' of high-quality coax and a wire mic holder. Quality aside, this package is a great value, saving you around $20 compared to buying everything separately. Learn More
  13. 2007+ Jeep Wrangler Fender Mount

    Jeep CB Antenna Fender Mount (2007+)


    If you want a factory look without taking a drill to your vehicle, the 2007+ Jeep mount is ideal! This antenna hood mount is designed for 2007 and newer Jeep Wrangler. The mount attaches securely to existing holes on the driver or passenger side of the fender. Recommended for antennas up to 4' tall. For older jeeps, please see this hood mounting kit which fits Jeeps made prior to 2007. Learn More
  14. Hummer CB Antenna Mount

    Hummer CB Antenna Mount


    Ideal for Hummer drivers, this stainless steel Firestik mount attaches to the inside groove of the factory roof rails for a clean install. Be sure to choose a terminal or ring-style coax cable, as there's not much space between the mount and the roof of the Hummer for installation. Learn More
  15. Firestik MK-64A8A CB Antenna Kit

    Firestik 3-Way CB Mounting Kit


    This Firestik kit features the three-way mount, our most popular CB antenna mount due to its versatility and durability! The stainless steel mount can be mounted on vertical and horizontal bars, and to vertical surfaces as an "L" bracket. If you have a strong mounting surface, these mounts will easily support antennas up to 5' tall. Kit includes 18' of quality, 95% shielded RG8X CB coax cable. Learn More
  16. Firestik MK-J4R CB Hood Mounting Kit

    Jeep Wrangler Hood CB Mounting Kit (1997 - 2006)


    This mounting kit was specifically for 1997 - 2006 Jeep Wranglers. The stainless steel mount attaches to the front fender lip under the vehicle's hood and can be mounted on either side of the vehicle. You won't be able to see any mounting holes or hardware after installation, because everything is hidden under the hood. This Firestik mini-kit also includes 18' of quality FireRing CB coax with a low-profile, weather-resistant ring connection. Recommended for antennas up to 4' tall. Learn More
  17. Bandi Mount for FJ Cruisers

    Bandi Mount for FJ Cruisers


    Originally created by Bandi of, the Bandi Mount has become one of the most popular ways to mount a CB antenna to 2007 and newer Toyota FJ Cruisers. The mount requires no drilling, and installation is fast and simple: The mount bolts onto the existing rear door hinge. Installing a CB antenna on your FJ couldn't be easier! Please note that this mount does not include a CB antenna stud, so you'll need to purchase the stud separately.

    Learn More
  18. JK Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna Mount

    Teraflex JK Jeep Wrangler CB Spare Tire Mount


    Designed for JK Jeep Wranglers, this mount attaches seamlessly to the spare tire carrier using existing bolt holes to achieve a factory install look. The mount has a powder-coat finish for improved durability and appearance. Compatible with all JK Wranglers, including Rubicon and Unlimited models. Antenna stud sold separately. Learn More
  19. Teraflex Jeep CB Antenna Mount CJ, YJ, TJ

    Teraflex 1987-2006 Jeep Tail Light CB Antenna Mount


    The Teraflex CB antenna mount offers a fast, customized way to mount a CB antenna to your CJ, YJ or TJ Jeep Wrangler. The mount is built to fit seamlessly between your Jeep's tail light assembly and the frame, making for a clean installation with no visible drill holes! Compatible with all CJ, YJ and TJ model Wranglers built between 1987 and 2006. Available for passenger or driver side tail light. Learn More
  20. Firestik FireRing CB Coax Cable MU-8R18

    Firestik FireRing CB Coax with FME - 18'


    This Firestik FireRing is one of our best-selling, most versatile coax cables and just about does it all! The ring-style connection is perfectly suited for low-profile, tight installations, as it extends horizontally -- not vertically -- from the mounting surface. Also, it's significantly more weather-resistant than standard threaded PL-259 connections, which are built primarily from rust-prone metal. The FME (For Mobile Equipment) end allows the PL-259 to unscrew, making installation, drilling and cable routing MUCH simpler, as the cable head diameter is reduced from 3/4" to 3/8". Built from RG-58 coax, the cable is 95% shielded for improved signal performance and uses a stranded center for increased durability. The coax is 18' long and includes an extra-long stud bolt to ensure compatibility with any CB stud. Learn More
  21. AUSWR 3

    SWR Meter with Jumper Cable


    Our most popular SWR product, this SWR meter and coax package is perfect for CB users whose radios lack a built-in SWR meter. This meter provides basic SWR functions, making it a great choice for anyone with a stock radio. If you have any questions about how to tune your CB antenna, please see our CB antenna tuning guide!

    Note: Meter may vary slightly from picture and/or video based on model and brand availability.

    Learn More
  22. Firestik CB Antenna Spring SS-3H

    Heavy-Duty CB Antenna Spring


    Designed for CB antennas up to 5' tall, this heavy-duty spring will protect your antenna from snapping or bending. Built from stainless steel, this durable spring is rust- and weather-resistant. For antennas longer than 5', or for heavy center-load antennas, we recommend a super heavy-duty spring. Learn More
  23. Astatic 636L-B1

    Astatic 636L CB Microphone


    The Astatic 636L Noise-Canceling Dynamic Microphone is a handy accessory for CB, amateur radio and SSB communications. The mic comes with a black rubber cord, and has a tailored frequency response system that provides maximum talk power. The noise-canceling feature effectively reduces wind and vehicle noise, while the durable construction ensures the mic will survive years of use. Compatible with all four-pin CB radios, including, Cobra, Uniden and Galaxy models. Learn More

  24. Flex Antenna

    Fiberglass Flex Antenna


    This fiberglass flex antenna is ideal when driving in locations with low-hanging brush and other obstacles. The antenna has tunable tip and is available in 2', 3', and 4', lengths. This fiberglass flex antenna is almost identical to the Wilson Flex except it does not have a ground strap or an antenna cap. Learn More
  25. Cobra 25 LX CB Radio

    Cobra 25 LX


    The new Cobra 25 LX is the most technically advanced midsize CB radio available! Featuring a large, easy-to-read LCD display with four color options, a digital frequency counter and customizable night/day illumination settings, this radio is perfect for amateur or professional CB use. Its diagnostic function provides information on critical CB levels, including battery voltage, RF power and antenna condition. If your vehicle lacks the space required for a full-sized radio, try to the new Cobra 25 LX. It will fit nicely in your car, truck or motorhome.

    Learn More

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