No-Ground Plane CB Antennas

What You Should Know:

When You Need NGP Equipment:  If your vehicle lacks a metallic chassis (RVs, motor homes, boats), you MUST use a no-ground plane antenna! Standard CB equipment requires a metallic chassis in order to properly send and Show More...
receive a signal, and won't function properly in a non-metallic environment.  

Compatibility: Standard CB components and NGP components are NOT interchangable, which is why NGP components are usually sold in kits. If you do need to extend the length of your NGP coax, you can use standard CB coax, so long as the portion closest to the antenna is the original NGP section. You should never cut or shorten NGP coax, as this will ruin it. No-ground installations create the necessary counterpoise using the coax, and adjusting the length will result in performance issues.

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  1. Complete Cobra 18 RV CB Package

    Cobra 18 RV CB Package


    We've designed this RV package to include everything you'll need for a quality CB and antenna installation for your RV. This package features the popular Cobra 18 RV radio with channel scanning, weather and easy in-dash installation. We also include your choice of three quality no-ground kits: with roof, side mount and three-way mounting options. We even include an SWR meter to properly tune your antenna after installation. Take the guesswork out of selecting the right CB components by choosing those that have a proven track record with hundreds of our RV customers. Learn More
  2. Firestik NGP CB Antenna Side-Mount Kit

    Firestik NGP Side Mount CB Antenna Kit


    This complete kit from Firestik makes it easy to achieve that factory-installed CB look on your RV, motorhome, boat or trailer. It's desito perform when installed on non-metallic surfaces. The included side mount creates a sleek, clean install. The Firestik Firefly-style antenna has a lightweight, thin profile, which reduces stress on the mount and cuts down on wind noise. Also included is a 17' coax cable, which attaches to the side mount from the drill point on the inside of the vehicle and is 95% shielded to minimize signal loss. Learn More
  3. Firestik NGP 3-Way CB Antenna Mount Kit

    Firestik NGP 3-Way Mount CB Antenna Kit


    Our most popular no-ground plane (NGP) CB antenna kit, this package from Firestik makes it easy to mount an antenna on your RV, motorhome, boat or trailer and is designed to perform when installed on non-metallic surface. All components are premium Firestik products made in the USA. The included three-way mount allows for mounting to vertical and horizontal bars and to vertical surfaces, and is extremely versatile. All hardware is made from weather-resistant stainless steel, and the included coax cable is heavily shielded to prevent signal loss and help you transmit farther. Learn More
  4. Firestik NGP Roof CB Antenna Kit Firestik FG2-DD

    Firestik NGP Roof Mount CB Antenna Kit


    This no-ground kit is ideal for RV, motorhome and camper installations where a low-profile antenna is desired. Designed to perform when installed on non-metallic surfaces such as fiberglass, this kit stands only 27" off the mount surface for a clean and non-obtrusive installation. Includes a roof mount, an antenna spring, a no-ground antenna and 17' of coax cable. Built in the USA and designed to last, all mounting hardware is weather- and rust-resistant. Learn More
  5. Everhardt NGP Mirror Mount Kit

    Everhardt NGP Mirror Mount Kit - 4'


    Perfect for motorhomes, RVs or ATVs, the Everhardt No Ground Plane Mirror Mount Kit is easy to install and operate. The versatile three-way mount attaches to vertical bars, horizontal bars and vertical surfaces. And unlike other antennas, Everhardt's Super Tuner system will match the antenna to your vehicle with virtually no need for tuning. Though we always recommend checking your SWR, you likely won't need to tune your antenna with the Everhardt NGP kits. Perfect for anyone who's mounting an antenna onto a non-metallic surface! Learn More
  6. Everhardt NGP Side Mount Kit

    Everhardt NGP Side Mount Kit - 4'


    Perfect for motorhome and RV owners who want to achieve that "factory install" look! Everhardt's NGP Side Mount Kit includes everything you need, including 18' of pre-tuned NGP coax cable, a molded side mount and a 4' fiberglass or steel whip antenna. The side-mount bracket gives this antenna a sleek look and a shape that will help reduce wind noise. The antenna features Everhardt's Super Tuner function, which matches the antenna to your vehicle. You should still check your SWR, but the antenna will rarely need to be tuned! Learn More
  7. Firestik K-8 NGP Coax Cable

    Firestik NGP Coax Cable


    This coax cable is to be used for NGP (no ground plane) antenna applications ONLY! Use it to replace damaged NGP coax. Compatible with Firestik's K-4, R-4 or any other lug-style antenna stud. Learn More
  8. FIrestik NGP Replacement Antenna

    Firestik NGP Replacement Antenna


    Ideal for use on motorhomes, ATV's, motorcycles and other vehicles made of fiberglass or lacking a large ground plane area. The Firestik NGP replacement antenna is designed to be used ONLY with other NGP (no-ground plane) kits and coax cable. Using an NGP antenna with standard coax cable will result in serious performance issues. These antennas are perfect for building a custom NGP system or replacing a damaged NGP antenna.

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