CB Radio Power & Electrical Cords

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  1. CB-3A

    3-Pin CB Power Cord with Fuse


    Use this item for replacing or adding a fused CB power cord to your CB radio. The three-pin CB power cord is compatible with most midsize to large CB radios with a three-pin plug on the back. Some compatible radio models include the Cobra 29, Cobra 25, Galaxy and the Uniden PC series. Learn More
  2. P12XX

    Solderless Cigarette Lighter Plug


    This removable plug is great for CB users who want to power their CB radios through the DC power outlet. Compatible with all CB radios, the plug easily attaches to the CB's power wires. Ideal for those who want to use their CB radios in multiple vehicles.

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  3. 3-Pin Cigarette Power Cord

    3-Pin CB Cigarette Power Adapter


    This three-pin cigarette power adapter is compatible with midsize to large CB radios with a three-pin power connection on back. Perfect for CB users who want to easily remove their CB radios! Learn More
  4. Multi-meter for CB installation

    Multimeter for CB Installation


    Multimeters give you the ability to test resistance, continuity and other measurements that contribute to a successful CB installation. Use the multimeter to identify good mounting locations for a CB antenna or to troubleshoot a CB installation. If you have any questions about how to properly use a multimeter, please see our guide to resistance, continuity and multimeter use.

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  5. CB Radio Fuse Tap

    Fuse Tap for CB Installation


    Power your CB radio in minutes with this fuse tap kit! The easy-to-install kit allows you to add a fuse to your vehicle's existing fuse box. Simply remove a fuse, plug both the removed fuse and the new fuse into the fuse tap, and plug the fuse tap into the empty fuse slot. This kit includes 3, 5, 7.5 and 10-amp fuses. Learn More
  6. Cable Tie 2

    Cable Ties


    Keep your coax cable, power cords and other parts bundled and out of the way with this 100-pack of 4" cable ties! Learn More
  7. DPPL-10C

    Noise Filter for CB Radio Power Cords


    This 20-amp noise filter reduces the electrical noise that makes listening to incoming CB transmissions difficult. The filter easily installs using a 3-pin power cord, which plugs directly into the back of most medium to large CB radios. If your radio does not accept a 3-pin plug, you can easily cut the attachment off and match the positive and negative wires.

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  8. AC701 Remote Box

    Cobra 75 Remote Connector Box


    This remote connector box allows you to use a single Cobra 75 WX ST CB radio in multiple vehicles! The Cobra 75 includes a screw-off connector, which makes attaching and removing the radio fast and easy. You can transfer the radio to any vehicle with a remote connector box and its own CB antenna. For additional information, please see these Cobra 75 WX ST pictures.

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  9. Procomm IM-AF CB/AM/FM CB Antenna Splitter

    CB/AM/FM Antenna Splitter


    Procomm's Inverses Multiplexor allow you to use your CB antenna to receive AM & FM radio. This CB antenna "splitter" is ideal for drivers who only want one antenna on their vehicle. Learn More
  10. Cobra CA45CB

    AC Adapter for Cobra Handheld CB Radios


    Use this AC adapter to charge your Cobra handheld CB radio from a standard wall outlet. Note: This product works as a charger but will not provide power to operate the radio when plugged in.

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  11. 4' Microphone Extension

    4' CB Microphone Extension


    Need a bit more reach? This 4' CB microphone extension is easy to install and is compatible with all standard four-pin microphones. Learn More
  12. Grounding Strap for CB antenna mount

    Grounding Strap for CB Antenna Mounts


    If you plan to mount a CB antenna onto a poorly grounded or non-grounded surface, but you'd rather not sacrifice CB performance with an NGP antenna, this grounding strap is a required accessory. To achieve a good ground, simply run this 6" grounding strap from your CB mount to a solid metal surface on your vehicle. Ideal for use on truck toppers, RVs or other vehicles with non-metal roofs. Learn More

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