Cobra 29 and Wilson CB Antenna Package Best Seller

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  • This install-ready kit includes two of our bestsellers: the Cobra 29 and Wilson Mag-mount antenna
  • Ideal for pickup trucks and commercial equipment

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Not since Burt Reynolds hopped on the airwaves with “Breaker one! Breaker one!” has a CB looked so cool. This complete set is built around two of our best-selling, all-time favorite items: the Cobra 29 and Wilson CB Antennas. These two work great alone, but perform even better together. The magnet mount antenna, coupled with the classic Cobra 29 LTD, will provide you with impressive transmission and receive range. Choose between the standard Cobra 29 LTD, or a version that features NOAA weather channels, NightWatch or Bluetooth technology. This is an install-ready package that may induce envy from Bandit himself.

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Model / SKU:Cobra 29 and Wilson Antenna Package + iKit
Recommended for:
CB users who drive large trucks, SUVs or other vehicles with ample room for a full-sized CB radio. Ideal for those seeking a high-performance CB installation.
Radio:The Cobra 29 LTD series is the best known and most popular line of CB radios in the world. The line's full feature set, durable construction, excellent reputation and two-year warranty have made it a perennial favorite with drivers for decades. The series includes a number of models, including those with backlit displays (called NightWatch or NW), weather capabilities (WX), chrome styling and even Bluetooth technology (BT) for taking cell-phone calls through the CB. All models are available as an option in this kit.
Antenna:The Wilson line of base-loaded antennas is regarded by many as the best magnet mount CB antennas you can buy. Made from high-quality plastics, these antennas utilize a 62" stainless steel whip for exceptional transmission and reception performance. The antennas feature a screw-off base, which allows you to quickly remove the antenna whip from the roof without uninstalling the magnetic mount and coax cable. This is extremely convenient when you need extra vehicle clearance. The Wilson 1000 is rated for up to 3,000 watts and includes a two-year warranty. The Wilson 5000, arguably the best mobile CB antenna you can buy, is rated for up to 5,000 watts and also has a two-year warranty. We recommend the Wilson 1000 magnet antenna for CB users with stock radios, and the Wilson 5000 magnet for those with tuned radios or an amplifier.
Mounting Hardware:The Wilson 1000 and 5000 magnet CB antennas attach to metallic surfaces. Mounting these antennas on the roof of your vehicle is ideal, but they can also be attached to the trunk.
Additional Information:Both the Wilson 1000 and 5000 antennas come with 17' of quality coax cable for use right out of the box. Simply route the cable into the vehicle and attach it to the back of the Cobra 29.
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