Cobra 75 Expansion Kit - Magnet Antenna

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  • This kit includes everything you need to make it easy to transfer your Cobra 75 CB radio from one vehicle to another

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Easily transfer your Cobra 75 CB radio from one vehicle to another with the Cobra 75 Expansion Kit. The Cobra 75 is uniquely designed as it can be detached from it's control box and attached to another in seconds. This function makes it very easy to use one Cobra 75 radio with multiple vehicles, provided the each vehicle has it's own control box and antenna system. The Cobra 75 expansion kit includes all the necessary parts needed to attach a Cobra 75 to a second vehicle.

Model / SKU:Cobra 75 Magnet Expansion Kit
Recommended for:This kit is perfect for Cobra 75 owners who want to add a CB system in another vehicle, but don't want to buy an additional radio. The included magnet antenna is ideal for Cobra 75 owners who want to add a radio into an SUV, car, or any vehicle with a metal roof.
Radio:This kit is built around the Cobra 75 WX ST handheld CB. The Cobra 75 is ideal for Jeep and off-road vehicle owners who need an extremely compact CB unit, as all radio components are contained within the handset. Antenna attachment, power wiring and external speaker hookup all run through a small mounting box that can be tucked away for a clean installation. The radio includes 10 weather channels for monitoring conditions while on the trail, plus an extended two-year warranty for peace of mind. *The Cobra 75 Radio is NOT included in this expansion kit, only the Cobra 75's remote controller box is included. 

The kit provides two antenna options:

  • Wilson Little Wil: The Wilson "Little Wil" is our most popular magnetic CB antenna due to its size, quality build and performance! Its 36" whip strikes the perfect balance between performance and convenience. It's long enough to consistently provide 2 to 4 miles of range, but short enough not to be a hassle when driving or parking around town. Held securely in place by a strong 10-ounce magnet, the antenna will stay put even at highway speeds. Made from high-impact thermoplastic, the Little Wil is well-built and is designed to endure years of road use. Includes 15' of CB coax.
  • Wilson 1000 Magnet: The Wilson 1000 outperforms all other fiberglass, base-loaded and center-loaded antennas, making it our top recommendation for best-in-class range! Constructed with 10-gauge windings and a high-impact thermoplastic shell, this antenna is designed to survive years of use. The screw-off coil allows the antenna to separate at the coax-wired base for convenience when entering low-clearance areas or for temporary antenna storage. This magnet version of the Wilson 1000 includes a heavy-duty magnet that will stay put at Interstate speeds and mounts to any flat metallic surface, making it a convenient choice for installations on cars, trucks or commercial vehicles. The Wilson 1000 includes a 62" stainless steel antenna whip and can transmit 6 to 9 miles consistently.
Mounting Hardware:
Magnetic CB antennas mount to flat metallic surfaces and do not require drilling or permanent installation.
Additional Information:
All expansion kits include a magnet CB antenna and stainless steel whip.
Product Includes:
Cobra 75 Remote Connector Box
Wilson Little Wil or Wilson 1000 Magnet CB antenna