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Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio

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Excellent CB with Gorgeous Display

Review by Pinchy
Overall Rating
This is one solid radio with everything you want built in. The speaker is nice and clear and can be turned quite loud if you have a noisy vehicle to mount it in. The display though is really what makes this CB a shining star - it is extremely easy to read, and has thoughtful features like a dedicated night button which can be programmed to switch to any of the display colors you prefer for night/day!

I like this much better than my old Cobra 29, which was a great radio but looked like it was out of a 1970's big rig commercial. The 880 looks like it belongs in a modern vehicle, and performs as great as it looks. Five stars, for sure! (Posted on March 9, 2012)
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Excellent new design

Review by Rex
Overall Rating
Having been around CB since the 70s, I'm glad to finally see an updated design like this. I paired this radio with a Wilson 1000 trunk mount and it performed flawlessly on both transmit and receive. The person traveling with me in the other car reported that the audio was clear and strong. The scan feature worked well, and weather radio reception was good (have not tried the weather alert feature yet). The display is the big selling point and is a big step forward for CB design, especially since so many radios continue to rely on a design that has barely changed in the past 30 years. It can sometimes be a little hard to read if the sun shines on the radio at the wrong angle, but is otherwise readable in daylight or night. I especially like the color options and the ability to switch to "night" mode for after-dark driving. So far I am very pleased with this radio and am looking forward to another trip with it. (Posted on July 12, 2012)
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Out with the old; In with the new

Review by Pathfinder2
Overall Rating
I bought the 880 Bearcat right when I came out and haven't had any problems with it. It's user friendly and the bigger screen is nice. I like it cause there's only a couple of nobs vs some radios with many nobs. Surface mount technology is the next wave in CB radios. I can hear roughly 20 miles ahead of me while driving vs my old Convex at maybe 10 miles. They make a wireless mic for this radio (haven't tried it yet). All in all this is a very strong, nice looking radio an a cool looking chrome mic. (Posted on January 1, 2013)
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Great Radio. Awesome Features. Worth the money!

Review by Scrabble
Overall Rating
I've had this radio for approximately 1 month now. I have it set up on my 2007 Dakota Quad Cab, paired up with a K40 5' whip. Setup works very well. Reception is spotty in some more congested areas, such as around buildings, houses, power lines, and malls where I live, but that is to be expected. Once you can separate yourself (partly) from a bulk of that interference, the reception (thanks mostly to the antenna) is outstanding. It was rainy, sleet and snowy conditions here a few days ago, and I was still able to pick someone up 15 miles away like they were right next to me. And they heard me perfectly fine as well.

Anyway, with the radio, love the large digital display; very easy to read at a quick glance. It has some issues with sun glare, but where it is mounted (on floor between driver and pass seats, between seats and cup holder area) I expected as much. The ability to change colors for day and night driving does seem to help a bit though. I have it set personally to the blue, approximately half bright for night and full white (sometimes yellow) for day. Weather channels are awesome. I travel all over the mid west for personal reasons (family and friends) and am very anxious to use out on the highway on one of those trips. I'm usually by myself, so having this to know about speed traps, accidents, and other road conditions from truckers offers me more peace of mind. Plus, its a way to stay awake and entertained. I know this has been a somewhat scattered review, but all in all, this radio is as advertised. Great sound quality, both transmitted and received, easy to use, easy to read display, and nice bonus features such as the colors, weather, and scan. Highly recommend this unit, also the K40 (even though I should say that on a K40 review.) Enjoy, and safe travels! (Posted on January 16, 2013)
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Great feature packed Radio.

Review by Scott
Overall Rating
Bought this based on the reviews and couldn't be happier paired it with a 4' Firestik and the performance is outstanding! The built in SWR meter is very accurate compared to my standalone. Every feature I could want comes in this radio and doesn't require the manual to figure out how to use them. (Posted on February 11, 2014)
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My best radio so far.

Review by Crown Victoria
Overall Rating
I installed this radio in my car and it works great with my antenna. No problems with the lighting or the extra gadgets. Everything has its draw back. When I turn my ventilation on, the radio picks a signal up but not that much of a problem for me. (Posted on July 27, 2013)
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Review by CB Man
Overall Rating
I just have one bad note on the Uniden 880; it sounds a bit phony. However, Uniden is always 100%!
(Posted on November 19, 2013)
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Pretty nice.

Review by J-Bizzle
Overall Rating
Very useful radio. I use it while off-roading. The speaker is plenty loud for my needs. Aside from the standard CB fare, it looks sharp and you can set your own personal preferences (color, brightness, and so on). Pretty solid radio! (Posted on January 23, 2014)
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Good radio!

Review by Lance
Overall Rating
This is a great radio, I have had mine for about 2 or 3 years and it has performed extremely well, except a for yesterday. It was on and started smoking and quit working, pulled it apart and found that the power and ground wires had melted together, not sure why it happened, but i want to say freak accident. I took out the plug and burnt wires, and soldered in new, thicker wires and now it works just fine. (Posted on May 26, 2014)
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Bearcat 880 CB Radio

Review by Snowdawg
Overall Rating
I have one and was never so disapointed in this radios performance. It has issues with the mic gain. Does not stay on and the weather /radio CB warning does not work. I was totally pissed off . This radio only worked well for two weeks then problems started poping up. A total waste of money. I should've listened and bought the connex radio instead. My CB radio shop said he wont even sell the Bearcat 880. Don't waste your hard earned money. (Posted on April 23, 2012)
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