Mobile CB Radios

What You Should Know:

Power & Range: All mobile CB radios have the same output power (4 watts), so spending extra won't get you a more “powerful” radio that can transmit farther. You should choose based on the features you will use. The one Show More...
exception is SSB radios, which can communicate with other SSB units at 12 watts and achieve 3x the range.


Size & Installation:  Radio size is important. If you have limited cab space (car, Jeep), a full-sized radio will be inconvenient and difficult to mount. Use the "Radio Size" filter on the left to quickly find a properly sized unit. CB radios utilize a standard PL-259 coax connection that is compatible with all CB coax and include a “U” mounting bracket for easy mounting. Regarding power, most models will have stripped positive and negative wires coming out of the back of the radio. If you're comfortable wiring, you can tie this into your vehicle's electrical system. Otherwise, you can use a CB radio cigarette adapter or fuse tapper to make the job easier.

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  1. Uniden Bearcat 680 CB Radio

    Uniden 680


    The Bearcat 680 is part of Uniden's new generation of CB radios. Perfect for night drivers, this radio features a large, easy-to-read, adjustable LCD display. Fitting comfortably in your hand, the six-pin ergonomic pistol grip mic allows for hours of CB communication and features an extra long mic cord. Additionally, the six-pin mic connection is compatible with aftermarket wireless microphones (sold separately). The Uniden 680 is ideal for amateur or advanced CB users who drive at night and are looking for a quality CB radio that will fit in their truck, semi, car or SUV. Learn More
  2. Cobra 75 WX ST Compact CB Radio

    Cobra 75 WX ST


    The Cobra 75 is our most popular compact CB and the top choice for off-road vehicle owners! All radio components are built in to the compact 3”x4” handset, making this an ideal choice when space or mounting options are limited. Despite being incredibly small, it still manages to pack a ton of features, including a backlit display, active channel scanning and NOAA weather alerts. All wiring is centralized in a small control box that can be mounted out of the way for a clean and professional installation. The radio can be quickly disconnected from the control box and, with the purchase of a second control box, used in a second vehicle.

    Installing a complete CB system? The Cobra 75 WX ST is featured in the JK Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser CB radio kits. 

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  3. Cobra 29 LX CB Radio standard

    Cobra 29 LX


    The Cobra 29 LX is Cobra's new generation of CB radio. It features a new design -- unlike anything currently available from Cobra -- and a long list of impressive features, the most noticeable of which is the stunning, multicolor digital display. Covering the majority of the radio's face, the display offers information on the current channel, transmission and reception strength, SWR levels and all other major CB operations. The display can be easily seen at night and can be set to one of four customizable colors. The Cobra 29 LX also picks up NOAA weather channels to keep you informed about road conditions. Perfect for professional and amateur CB users who want a quality, full-featured Cobra CB radio! Learn More
  4. Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio

    Uniden 880


    The Uniden Bearcat 880 brings an exciting new radio to the CB world. Looking more like an in-dash CD player, the Uniden Bearcat 880 CB radio has a HUGE display with seven different color options. This radio comes fully equipped with NOAA weather channels, a digital SWR meter, radio diagnostics, channel memory, PA capability, a dimmer switch and much more. The included six-pin microphone will fit comfortably in your hand, and the extra long mic cord allows you to talk from anywhere in your cab. Perfect for serious CB users and night drivers, the Uniden Bearcat 880 CB radio will be a great addition to your semi, truck, SUV or motorhome. Learn More
  5. Cobra 148 GTL CB Radio

    Cobra 148 GTL


    The Cobra 148 GTL is a legend in the CB world and our top recommendation for a reliable, no-nonsense SSB mobile radio! Owners consistently praise this radio's durability and longevity, commonly reporting 10+ years of problem-free operations. In addition to long-range SSB capabilities, the 148 GTL features PA functionality, NB/ANL noise reduction, RF gain, tactile controls and a built-in SWR meter. Unlike many other SSB models, the radio doesn't include an oversized meter or flashy 5-digit frequency counter. If you're looking for style and flair, you'll want to check out our Galaxy SSB units. But for a rugged, reliable SSB mobile unit, the Cobra 148 GTL simply can't be beat. Learn More
  6. Cobra 29 LTD

    Cobra 29 LTD Classic


    $20 Rebate Through 12/31/2014 - Download Rebate Form Here

    Initially, you might have a hard time understanding why the Cobra 29 LTD is such a staple CB radio, as the features are similar to those of other full-sized units from Uniden and Galaxy. In fact, it might not be until you're 10 years into your first Cobra 29 that you realize it has worked flawlessly despite miles of washboard roads, dusty conditions and spilled beverages. Rugged reliability -- it's the Cobra 29 LTD's most impressive feature and the reason it's our best selling full-sized CB radio.

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  7. Cobra 18 WX ST II CB Radio standard

    Cobra 18 WX ST II


    Ideal for in-dash installations, this Cobra 18 WX ST II CB radio features a front speaker and is a favorite with RV and motor home owners. The radio's standardized DIN face (2" x 7") allows for perfect in-dash mounting in single DIN radio slots. Monitoring both CB and weather communication is easy with 10 NOAA weather channels and active CB channel scanning. Integrated SoundTracker technology ensures that clear CB signals will be sent and received. You can also monitor two CB channels at once with the dual-watch function. For a full-featured CB that is perfectly suited for in-dash installations, the Cobra 18 is our top recommendation. Learn More
  8. Uniden Bearcat PRO 510XL CB Radio

    Uniden Pro 510 XL


    One of the most popular and durable CB radios on the market, the Uniden Pro 510 XL is a great choice for off-road or industrial use. Heavy duty and compact, the Pro 510 XL provides basic CB functions and an ANL noise filter to reduce electrical or engine noise. This tough radio is ideal for use in commercial or off-road applications. If you want the durability of the Uniden Pro 510 XL, but would like either PA capability or RF gain, consider the Uniden 520 XL CB radio.

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  9. Uniden Bearcat PRO 520XL CB Radio

    Uniden Pro 520 XL


    The Uniden Pro 520 XL is one of the most popular CB radios that we sell! Ideal for off-road and commercial use, the Pro 520 XL has all the basic CB functions along with PA (public address) capability and RF gain. Compact and tough, this radio is built to withstand heavy use in rough conditions while being small enough to install in almost any vehicle. The Pro 520 XL is perfect for the CB user looking for a radio that's simple to use, has a few extra features and will last a lifetime. (The Uniden Pro 510 XL CB radio is similar to the Pro 520 XL, but is more affordable and doesn't have RF gain or PA capability.) Learn More
  10. Uniden Bearcat PC68 Elite CB Radio

    Uniden PC68 Elite


    On Sale while Supplies Last!
    The Uniden Bearcat PC68 Elite is ideal for users who want a full backlit display and weather options without a full-sized radio chassis! Stay on top of the weather with seven NOAA weather channels and an alert that notifies you about severe weather conditions. Communicate effortlessly with other CB users with the pistol grip mic with extra long cord, built-in dynamic squelch control, and mic and RF gain. The radio controls and display are completely backlit, making night operation safe and easy. This midsize radio fits perfectly in pick-up trucks, SUVs and large cars. Know what's happening on the road with the Uniden PC68 Elite! Learn More
  11. Cobra 29 LTD "Classic" w/ NW CB Radio

    Cobra 29 NW LTD


    The Cobra 29 LTD classic with NightWatch is the #1 CB choice for night drivers! It's packed with all the features and reliability of the Cobra 29, plus NightWatch technology that illuminates the radio controls for easy use in the dark. The backlighting is powered by a dedicated circuit designed to maximize illumination while minimizing eye fatigue. The Cobra 29 NW is perfect for the CB user who wants a reliable radio that works well in the dark. Learn More
  12. Cobra 25 LTD CB Radio

    Cobra 25 LTD


    Possibly the toughest midsize CB radio on the market, the Cobra 25 LTD packs multiple features and is built to last! Send and receive clear CB transmissions with adjustable Dynamike boost and RF gain. Utilize the PA function and speak to your friends outside the vehicle with the flip of a switch. The Cobra 25 LTD is made for the CB user looking for a rugged radio that's built to stand the test of time.

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  13. Cobra 29 LX BT CB radio

    Cobra 29 LX BT


    The new Cobra 29 LX BT has arrived and is replacing the popular Cobra 29 WX NW BT CB radio. This radio offers the same CB functions as the Cobra 29 LX, but adds advanced Bluetooth technology. Ideal for "hands free" driving, the Cobra 29 LX BT will pair with your Bluetooth cell phone to receive calls and display text messages on the LCD screen! If your cell phone has voice recognition, you can place cell phone calls and compose text messages through the Bluetooth microphone. Additionally, the Cobra 29 LX BT receives NOAA weather channels and has huge multicolor display that shows information on the current channel, transmission and reception strength, SWR levels, and all other major CB operations. The Cobra 29 LX BT represents the next level of CB radios and is perfect for drivers who need to communicate hands-free.

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  14. Cobra 29 LX Camo CB Radio

    Cobra 29 LX Camo


    In Stock and Shipping!

    The Cobra 29 LX Real Tree™ Camo is THE limited edition CB for hunters and outdoorsmen! Sporting all the same features as the Cobra 29 LX, the Camo edition radio and microphone are fully wrapped in a Real Tree™ comoflauge pattern and the radio's knobs are backlit in "blaze" orange. The prominent display of the 29 LX shows information on the current channel, transmission and reception strength, SWR levels, and all other major CB operations. The Cobra 29 LX Camo's NOAA weather channels will keep you updated about incoming weather condtions. This radio is perfect for professional and amateur CB users who want a unique, quality, and full-featured CB radio!

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  15. Uniden Bearcat PC68 XL CB Radio

    Uniden PC68 XL


    Out of stock

    The PC68 XL is Uniden's classic midsize CB radio. Stepping up to the PC68 XL from lower Uniden models gives you a number of benefits, including dynamic squelch control, an extra long microphone cord, a more rugged chassis, mic gain, a nine-foot microphone cord and RF gain. The Uniden PC68 XL is a quality CB radio that can be easily installed in your car, truck, SUV or motorhome. Learn More
  16. Uniden Bearcat PC78 Elite CB Radio

    Uniden PC78 Elite


    Uniden packed the PC78 Elite CB radio with as many features as possible! Stay up-to-date on changing weather conditions with seven NOAA weather channels and easily operate your radio at night thanks to the backlit faceplate. Communicating clearly with other users is simple, as the radio's dynamic squelch control, RF gain, delta tune and mic gain allow you to precisely tune in and transmit quality CB signals. The pistol grip mic fits comfortably in your hand, while the extra long mic cord allows you to talk from anywhere in the cab of your semi, pick-up truck or SUV. Perfect for the CB user who wants it all! Learn More
  17. Cobra 29 LTD w/ Bluetooth CB Radio standard

    Cobra 29 LTD Bluetooth BT


    Synchronize your cell phone with the new Cobra 29 LTD Bluetooth CB radio and enable hands-free phone calls. Bluetooth technology merged with the long-lasting Cobra 29 CB radio is a winning combination for professional drivers. Monitor CB communication and easily place or receive phone calls with the press of a button on the Bluetooth CB microphone. The Cobra 29 BT CB radio can also redial the number of the last call you placed. Perfect for truck drivers who want a single communication device! Learn More
  18. Cobra 25 LX CB Radio

    Cobra 25 LX


    The new Cobra 25 LX is the most technically advanced midsize CB radio available! Featuring a large, easy-to-read LCD display with four color options, a digital frequency counter and customizable night/day illumination settings, this radio is perfect for amateur or professional CB use. Its diagnostic function provides information on critical CB levels, including battery voltage, RF power and antenna condition. If your vehicle lacks the space required for a full-sized radio, try to the new Cobra 25 LX. It will fit nicely in your car, truck or motorhome.

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  19. Uniden PC687 Front

    Uniden PC687


    In Stock and Shipping!

    New from Uniden, the PC687 replaces Uniden's PC68 series radios and features updated technology and functions. The PC687 has the same "classic" CB look as the older Uniden radios, but with fewer knobs and much larger S/RF/SW meter. Classic CB features such as NOAA weather, weather alert, Instant channel 9, RF and mic gain, and noise blanker are standard on the PC687. Additionally, the radio has a 6-pin microphone that is compatible with Uniden's new wireless CB microphone.

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  20. Uniden Bearcat PRO 505XL CB Radio

    Uniden Pro 505 XL


    New to the Uniden CB line is the Pro 505 XL. Featuring a backlit LCD display, this compact radio is easy to read and will fit in virtually all vehicles. Monitor your transmit power with the built-in S/RF meter and use the public address function to be heard outside your vehicle. The Pro 505 is ideal for CB users seeking an affordable radio with CB and PA functionality. Learn More
  21. Uniden Bearcat PC78 XL CB Radio

    Uniden PC78 XL


    Uniden's PC78 XL is built on a rugged chassis and made to last a lifetime. This all-in-one radio features the best CB communication functions without unnecessary, expensive frills. Fine-tune incoming signals easily with dynamic squelch control, RF gain and delta tune. You won't need to purchase an external SWR meter, as the PC78 XL has an S/RF/SWR/Mod meter built in. Be sure that you have enough room to install this full-sized CB radio in the cab of your pick-up truck, semi or industrial vehicle. Learn More
  22. Cobra 29 WX NW ST "Classic" CB Radio standard

    Cobra 29 WX NW ST


    The Cobra 29 WX NW ST CB radio combines all the great features of the Cobra 29 with NightWatch and seven NOAA weather channels. The emergency weather alert function warns you about severe weather conditions even if the radio is turned off! Delta tune, RF gain, SoundTracker, and Dynamike will ensure that you transmit and receive clear CB signals. The Cobra 29 WX NW ST CB radio is perfect for the driver who wants to monitor weather and CB communication night and day! Learn More
  23. Cobra 25 NW LTD CB Radio

    Cobra 25 NW LTD


    Ideal for night drivers, the Cobra 25 NW LTD is built to last a lifetime. Featuring NightWatch technology, the face of the Cobra 25 NW comes alive at night with fully illuminated controls. The rugged chassis of this midsize radio makes it a good fit for commercial or industrial equipment that operates in the dark. Perfect for the CB user looking for a long-lasting CB radio with solid features. Learn More
  24. Uniden 980 SSB CB Radio

    Uniden 980 SSB


    Uniden shows some serious love to the SSB community with the introduction of the new Uniden 980 SSB CB radio. Featuring the same bells and whistles as the popular 880, the 980 adds Single Side Band capability and a SSB clarifier. The HUGE 7-color display makes the radio look like an in-dash CD player and the NOAA weather channels allow the user to monitor local weather conditions. Additionally, the 980 comes fully equipped with a digital SWR meter, radio diagnostics, PA capability, memory channels scan, a dimmer switch and much more. The included six-pin microphone will fit comfortably in your hand, and the extra long mic cord allows you to talk from anywhere in your cab. The radio also includes a 6-pin to 4-pin adapter for those who want to keep their CB mic. The Uniden 980 is ideal for CBers who want a radio that can do everything, and SSB! Learn More
  25. Cobra 19 DX IV Camo

    Cobra 19 DX IV Camo


    New Product - in Stock & Shipping!
    New for 2014, the Cobra 19 DX IV Camo is perfect for your hunting rig or daily drive. Ideal for small-cab installations, the Cobra 19 has all the basic CB functions along with PA capability, RF gain, and instant channel 9/19. Additionally, this special edition radio and microphone are wrapped in RealTree™ camouflage. Install this radio in your hunting rig, car, truck, or SUV, and show off your hunting passion! 

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