Handheld CB Radios

What You Should Know:

Range: Handheld radios are conveniently small and portable, but it's important to understand their limitations. The short, portable "duckie" antenna that comes with handheld models limits effective range to approximately Show More...
half a mile or less. To achieve greater range, you'll need to use an external full-sized CB antenna.

External Antennas: Handheld radios broadcast at 4 watts -- the same as all other citizen band units -- and can achieve similar range when used with a quality externally mounted antenna. To connect a full-sized CB antenna, you'll need a BNC adapter, which allows standard CB coax and antennas to connect to the handheld's smaller antenna port. 

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  1. Midland 75-822 Mobile CB Radio w/ Car Kit

    Midland 75-822


    The Swiss Army knife of CB radios, the Midland 75-822 can do almost anything! Use this radio as a handheld unit with the included rubber antenna and AA battery pack, or attach the car kit and use the unit with your mobile CB antenna and DC power source. Perfect for CB users who want to use a CB radio both in and out of their vehicles, and for users who want to easily move the radio from vehicle to vehicle. The car kit includes the cigarette power adapter and external antenna adapter. For mobile use, the radio has a small rubber duck-style antenna and battery pack requiring six AA batteries. Get the best of handheld and mobile CB radios with the Midland 75-822! Learn More
  2. Midland 75-785 Handheld CB Radio

    Midland 75-785 Handheld CB radio


    The Midland 75-785 is a perfect fit for CB users who need a reliable, rugged handheld radio. Ideal for hunters and motorcycle riders, this CB radio will keep you in short-range contact with your group though harsh conditions. Included with the radio is a flexible antenna and built-in noise control which helps you receive clear transmissions. Power this mobile unit with the included DC adapter, 9 AA batteries, or rechargable NiCad batteries. You can also attach standard headphones using the 3.5mm accessory plug. If you are looking for an affordable handheld CB radio that will get the job done, the Midland 75-875 is a great choice. Learn More
  3. Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld CB Radio

    Cobra HH 38 WX ST Handheld


    The Cobra HH 38 WX ST is our best-selling handheld CB radio! It's the ideal tool for short-range, handheld CB communication on a job site, campsite or Interstate. Stay ahead of severe weather by monitoring 10 NOAA weather channels. The HH 38 WX ST accepts hands-free accessories such as the Cobra lapel microphone or standard headphones. Additionally, the Cobra HH 38 WX ST uses SoundTracker technology to improve the transmission and reception quality of CB signals. This unit can be powered by nine AA batteries or the included DC cigarette lighter plug. It's perfect for the CB user who needs the flexibility and versatility of a handheld radio.

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  4. Cobra HH Roadtrip CB Radio w/ Mobile Vehicle Antenna

    Cobra HH Road Trip Handheld


    The Cobra HH Road Trip is the ultimate handheld CB package! It offers all the features of the Cobra HH 38 WX ST, with the addition of a mobile magnet CB antenna. Use this radio as a handheld with the rubber duck style antenna or attach the mobile magnet mount for use in the vehicle. Stay ahead of the weather with 10 built-in NOAA weather channels and monitor two CB channels at once with the dual watch function. Send and receive clear CB signals using Cobra's patented SoundTracker technology. The Cobra HH Road Trip is powered by nine AA batteries or the included DC cigarette power adapter. Perfect for short-range CB users who want to use their handheld radio in a vehicle! Learn More
  5. Cobra 75 WX ST Compact CB Radio

    Cobra 75 WX ST


    The Cobra 75 is our most popular compact CB and the top choice for off-road vehicle owners! All radio components are built in to the compact 3”x4” handset, making this an ideal choice when space or mounting options are limited. Despite being incredibly small, it still manages to pack a ton of features, including a backlit display, active channel scanning and NOAA weather alerts. All wiring is centralized in a small control box that can be mounted out of the way for a clean and professional installation. The radio can be quickly disconnected from the control box and, with the purchase of a second control box, used in a second vehicle.

    Installing a complete CB system? The Cobra 75 WX ST is featured in the JK Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser CB radio kits. 

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  6. Cobra Handheld CB Telescopic Antenna

    Cobra Handheld CB Telescopic Antenna - 27"


    This 27" telescopic whip will provide approximately double the range of the original "rubber ducky" antenna. Compatible with handheld CB radios, this antenna collapses down to 8" for easy and convenient storage and packing. If you use a handheld CB in the field, you'll definitely want to bring this along! Learn More
  7. PMRSM_front

    Cobra Lapel Speaker & CB Microphone


    Perfect for industrial and commercial applications, this lapel speaker microphone works nicely with compatible handheld CB radios. The unit features a push-to-talk button for easy transmitting, plus a built-in speaker to easily hear incoming transmission.

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  8. Cobra CA45CB

    AC Adapter for Cobra Handheld CB Radios


    Use this AC adapter to charge your Cobra handheld CB radio from a standard wall outlet. Note: This product works as a charger but will not provide power to operate the radio when plugged in.

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  9. BNC Connector

    BNC Male to UHF Female Adapter


    Use this adapter to connect your handheld CB radio to a standard external antenna coax (versus the screw-on ducky antenna) for improved range and performance. Learn More

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