Magnetic Mount CB Antennas

What You Should Know:

Benefits & Installation: Magnet antennas offer great performance when installed on a vehicle's roof. Installation is incredibly easy: Simply set the magnet on the roof of the car and then route the coax cable into Show More...
the cab (through a window, door frame or drilled hole) to connect to the radio. As with all antennas, the longer the antenna, the better the range you'll receive. The magnets used in quality antennas -- such as those from Wilson, K40 and Cobra -- are strong and designed to stay put even at highway speeds.  

Recommended Uses: Due to their convenience and performance, magnetic antennas are popular with cars, vans, SUVs and pick-up trucks. Their thin metal whips are easily bent and aren't recommended for high-impact uses, such as off-road or industrial use.  

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  1. Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna

    Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna


    The Wilson "Little Wil" is our most popular magnetic CB antenna due to its size, affordable price, quality build and performance! Its 36" whip strikes the perfect balance between performance and convenience. It's long enough to consistently provide 2 to 4 miles of range, but short enough not to be a hassle when driving or parking around town. Held securely in place by a strong 10-ounce magnet, the antenna will stay put even at highway speeds. Made from high-impact thermoplastic, the Little Wil is well-built and is designed to endure years of road use. Includes 15' of CB coax. Learn More
  2. K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna - 35"

    K30 Magnet Mount CB Antenna - 35"


    The K30 antenna is a high-performing, small magnet mount antenna that's easy to install and remove. Made in the USA, the K30 has a strong 10-ounce magnet that will securely hold to any metallic surface and a coil made from 14-gauge coil wire. The antenna can handle 600 watts of power, and the 35" antenna whip is stainless steel. Includes 15' of shielded CB coax cable.

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  3. Cobra Magnet CB Antenna HGA1500

    Cobra Magnet CB Antenna - 37"


    Need a convenient and transferable antenna for your vehicle? This 37" magnet mount antenna attaches easily to your roof or trunk lid and can be moved to different vehicles quickly and easily. Includes a 16' braided coax cable and a scratch-resistant base pad to protect your vehicle's finish. Additionally, this antenna will receive all NOAA weather signals for compatible radios. Boasting a 300-watt capacity, this 37" magnet antenna from Cobra is a great product from one of the leading CB manufacturers. Learn More
  4. Cobra 75 Magnet Expansion Kit

    Cobra 75 Expansion Kit - Magnet Antenna

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    Easily transfer your Cobra 75 CB radio from one vehicle to another with the Cobra 75 Expansion Kit. The Cobra 75 is uniquely designed as it can be detached from it's control box and attached to another in seconds. This function makes it very easy to use one Cobra 75 radio with multiple vehicles, provided the each vehicle has it's own control box and antenna system. The Cobra 75 expansion kit includes all the necessary parts needed to attach a Cobra 75 to a second vehicle. 

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  5. Magnetic CB Antenna w/ Optional Spring - 36"

    Magnetic CB Antenna with Optional Spring - 36"


    Perfect for car or SUV owners who would like to park in a garage without removing their CB antennas. The Astatic magnet mount CB antenna is 36", has an optional spring and includes 17' of coax cable. If you're worried about your antenna breaking when passing under a garage door or other obstacle, choose the spring model for increased flexibility. Learn More
  6. ProComm Magnetic Mount CB Antenna Kit

    ProComm Magnetic Mount CB Antenna Kit


    Available with an 8", 24", 36", or 48" antenna whip, the ProComm Magnet Mount Antenna Kit can be customized to your CB needs. Included with the antenna are 12' of high quality RG58 coax cable, which easily attaches to your CB radio, and a heavy-duty 3" chrome-plated magnet to hold the antenna firmly to your vehicle. Ideal for the CB user looking for an affordable, customizable CB option for a car, SUV, van or pick-up truck! Learn More
  7. Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna Replacement Whip

    Wilson Little Wil Replacement Whip


    This 36" stainless steel replacement whip fits the Wilson Little Wil magnet antenna. Use to replace a broken whip or to keep a spare on hand. Learn More

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